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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


{Image provided by Hayden Wand.}
Dragons, have I got something exciting in store for you, today! Hayden Wand, author of Hidden Pearls and For Elise, and co-author of Five Enchanted Roses and Once is releasing her Once novella, With Blossoms Gold, as a standalone paperback! With Blossoms Gold is a lovely story, one I had the pleasure of reading in the Once ARC, and now I'm thrilled to introduce to ya'll the cover for!

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About the Book

{Image provided by Hayden Wand.}

She never wanted to leave the tower. He never wanted to rule the country.

Nella has lived quietly in her tower in the woods for over a decade. After dangerous accusations drove her and her grandmother away from their village, they escaped deep into the forest where no one would try to harm them. Now, after her grandmother's death, Nella is alone, and she is determined to stay that way. She has no patience for a world she deems judgmental and ignorant.

Or so she tells herself. In reality, her paralyzing fear prevents her from stepping foot outside of the tower.

Prince Benedict Allesandro is an adventurer -- a rescuer who prides himself on saving the weak and unfortunate. When he hears rumors of a beautiful damsel trapped in a tower, he rushes to her rescue...only to find a woman who most definitely does not wish to be saved.

But when war breaks out, this reckless prince and reclusive maiden are faced with overcoming their deepest fears in order to determine not only their own fate, but that of their entire country.


About the Author


Hayden Wand is the author of the novel Hidden Pearls as well as the novella The Wulver's Rose, which was published in the Five Enchanted Roses collection. A Christian and a 2012 homeschool graduate, she currently attends a local college where she studies history and haunts the campus library. Readers can connect with Hayden via her blog.


Eeep! Isn't that cover gorgeous? And peeps, With Blossoms Gold is AMAZING!!!! It's a lovely Rapunzel retelling, written by a very talented author! You can read my original review of With Blossoms Gold here.

So, what do you think of the cover? Have you read With Blossoms Gold in the Once collection?


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