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Friday, December 16, 2016


Today, an exciting new story releases from Jesseca Wheaton, author of The Silent Blade! Beyond the Horizon is a Christmas novella -- and a retelling of Cinderella, set in the midst of World War II. Here's a snippet about the book:

{Image provided by Jesseca Wheaton.}

Eliana longs to see the world beyond the mountains that tower above Salzburg, Austria, but knows that dream will never see such adventure -- and neither will she.

Surrounded by a world of cruelty, she lives for the weekly visits of Aron, a boy she met on one of her rambles through the countryside.

But as the years pass and she begins to grow older, a new and unwelcome world is opened up to her. On a fateful night at a party she vowed she'd never attend, she comes face to face with a shocking truth.

As the world around her teeters on the brink of war, Eliana struggles to figure out just where her loyalty lies; a decision that will drastically change the course of her life. Will she ever be free to see what lies beyond the horizon?

About the Author

{Image provided by Jesseca Wheaton.}

Jesseca is an eighteen-year-old daughter, sister, and child of God. Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano. And writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she’s convinced there's no place like home.

You can connect with Jesseca via her blog, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

Tour Schedule

Friday, December 16th

Saturday, December 17th


A Christmas novella, a Cinderella retelling, a World War II story... My, this does sound interesting! Don't forget to pick up Beyond the Horizon on Amazon, and add it to Goodreads!



  1. I just finished this book! It is so good!! :)

  2. Thank you for being part of the blog tour, Olivia!! ^_^ I'm so glad it sounds interesting!

  3. Ooh! This book looks good! I LOVE the cover as well; SO PRETTY!!!

  4. This seems like an interesting read. Going to take a look at it! I NEED books to read over break.

    1. It does, doesn't it? And with a theme just in time for Christmas! :)


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