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Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas Gift from Me to You

I'm already posting quite a bit this month and wasn't going to do anything more, but Alea Harper's (of Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings) post on Ten Things to Do When You Can't Sleep on Christmas Eve inspired me to share a little something with ya'll. 😁

For those of you "old-timers" ( 😉 ), you may remember my sharing of a short story last December, titled Deep in the Night (I eventually took it down, just for the sake of keeping my writing close to my vest). Though it's not a Christmas story, I would like to share it with ya'll, as a Christmas gift. Deep in the Night is approximately five-hundred words, so it's fairly short. ☺

For those of you who prefer a larger text (so you can read on your kindle), select the first image to be taken to the Google Doc. Click on "file," move to "download as," and choose "PDF document." Then send the file to your kindle, and you can read it from there!

For those of you who'd rather just read it on your computer/tablet/phone, select the second image, which will take you to a regular Google Doc. ☺

Just so you know, Deep in the Night will no longer be available for public reading when 2016 ends. I'll be changing the settings from "anyone with link can view" to "private."

Anywhozens, I hope you enjoy this short story! Thank you for being here, dear Dragons! ❤

{Image by yours truly.}

{Image by yours truly.}


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