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Sunday, September 25, 2016

ENTWINED // Book Review


Entwined was... okay. It had its fun moments, but, like many books, it had its dull ones, as well. For me, Azalea was a bit flawless, so I had a pretty hard time connecting with her, and the only character I could really relate to was the king. The writing style was not my favourite, and the action scenes were kind of hard to follow.

[Here's a random, slightly fangirly spoiler (which I've turned white, for those who haven't read Entwined, yet; to read the spoiler, simply highlight it with your cursor): I ship Clover and Fairweller SO HARD!!!! THEY ARE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER AND IT'S JUST SO AMAZING!!!! ... *straightens bowtie* Okay, I'm done.]

I would recommend this to tween girls (and a little bit younger), though! Entwined had its dashes of romance hither and thither, but just to the point where it remained, for the most part, appropriate.

You may want to know: There are a few scenes in which a certain antagonist (very) forcefully kisses a character. There is also (welcomed) mild kissing, as well as fantasy violence and an important event in which a character dies of a fever.

Have you read Entwined, before? What did you think?


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