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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BEN-HUR Movie Review

After five years of enslavement, the once-noble Judah Ben-Hur sets out to learn the fate of his family... and to seek vengeance on his adoptive brother -- a traitor. Determined to win a chariot race that could put an end to his brother's life, Judah seeks the counsel of the man who saved his life. But we must all pick and choose our battles.

Earlier this evening, my dad and I went to see a 3D screening of Ben-Hur... and it was amazing. Though I've never seen the original or read the book (so I had nothing to compare it to), I loved every bit of it. The filming, directing, and acting quality were all incredible. The characters and their motivations were raw and gripping, and the film itself captivating.

Though the beginning was good yet somewhat slow, the moment Judah entered a life of slavery changed the whole direction of the story, and as it advanced, the tale got better and better. When it neared the end, however, I became afraid that it would end on the bitter note of vengeance, but... Well, no spoilers, but the ending was moving. I may have teared up, a teensy bit. :)

You may want to know: Ben-Hur was not entirely biblically accurate (characters in certain closed events and healing immediately after Jesus's crucifixion that the Bible holds no record of). There was also violence and a bit of blood (though not enough that I would mark it as "gorey"), along with the very brief and undescriptive mentioning of a character's relative being violated.


Do you have plans to see Ben-Hur? Have you seen the original or read the book?



  1. I've seen the original, read the book, and I'm looking forward to watching this version! From the trailer it looked like Ben-Hur and Masella are brothers on this move...is that true?

    1. Yes, they are. I haven't experienced any versions of *Ben-Hur* other than this film, yet, but the sibling/family relationships are pretty intense, as far as loyalty goes. :)

  2. I've read the book and watched the original movie which I wasn't impressed with (the movie, not the book). But I'm really looking forward to seeing this version of the story. I don't know if I'll get to go to theaters or will have to wait until it comes out, but either way, I plan to see it. ;)

    1. You should! The new *Ben-Hur* is so awesome!! :)

  3. I've not seen the original or read the book either but this one looks really good. Made my family sad to see how badly it suffered at the box office. Glad to know it's really good!

    1. My dad told me just last night how bad it's doing! (*sighs*) But it was so well done...


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