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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway: THE OLD RIVER ROAD

Image provided by Ivy Rose.

About the Book

Introducing Ivy Rose and her debut novel, The Old River Road! This book is the first in a series of a-yet-to-be-determined number of books based on the lives of the author's ancestors. Written in a style similar to that of Janette Oke and Laura Ingalls Wilder, this is a story you don't want to miss!

Image provided by Ivy Rose.


When seventeen-year-old Clara Boutwell married her dashing coworker, William McDonald, she was convinced her life was near perfect. The journey before them as newlyweds in the great city of Chicago was promising and exciting. But a frightening disease soon takes William in its grip, forcing them to the clean air of the western frontier in a desperate attempt to save his life. But pioneering doesn't prove to be easy, with miles between neighbors instead of fences. On the eastern Washington prairies, the McDonalds face hardships and trials in a new world where everything is tested, from physical endurance to emotional strength -- down to their relationship and faith in the Lord.

This novel tells the incredible true story of Clara and William, the great-great grandparents of the author, in a sweet narrative full of laughter, tears, and the struggles of an early pioneering family. Prepare yourself to share in their experience as you read this account of a pioneer family in Washington state, and see their lasting legacy that has endured into the fifth generation.

Available now in paperback and ebook on Amazon!


Welcome to *A Sapphire Chamber*, Ivy! Feel free to tell us all a little bit about yourself. :)

Hi Olivia! Thanks so much for having me! Let's see... a little about myself... (You realize this is a very difficult question.)  :)

I'm eighteen years old, a big sister to six, a history lover, a people-person, and a musician.

Fun fact: My birthday was July eighth, which is also my parent's twenty-second wedding anniversary, and my first book released that day. Lots of fun packed into one short day. :)

When did you first realize you wanted to write?

Writing has been enjoyable to me for a very long time. I kept journals when I was younger, then (tried) to turn some of the adventures into stories. At around thirteen, I became more serious about my hobby and started to wonder if I could really be a published author one day.

What would your ideal day of writing look like?

Oh my... a whole day? Just having an entire day dedicated to writing would be ideal!

Let's see -- I'd eat breakfast in my room at my desk, reviewing whatever I wrote last so I am better prepared to continue. Then, I'd set a word goal for an hour -- anywhere from two-hundred-fifty to five-hundred. I'd type for the hour, then get up and move around for ten minutes or so. Repeat until lunchtime. At lunchtime, I would take a bit of a lengthy break to eat, take care of my dog, and maybe take a dip in the lake. Then, I'd go back up to my "cave of writerdom" and continue the hourly goals. Unless I get really hungry, I'd probably just take a short snack break for dinner and keep writing until bedtime.

Besides writing, is there anything else you would like to do? Be an editor, run a publishing company, become a swashbuckling pirate?

I'll be a pirate! :)

The main thing I am working toward is becoming a nurse. There's still a lot of college ahead of me, but I am quite excited to be working toward that finally. 

Thank you for your time! Before you go, I have one last question: What advice do you have for fellow authors, particularly those who are currently unpublished?

I think this is the advice I've given almost everyone who has asked this question, so excuse me for being a broken record. :) I keep saying this because it had such a phenomenal impact on me.

Don't forget Who you are writing for. It's easy to get discouraged when people don't like your writing, but that's just it. They're people. You don't want to serve people, you want to serve God. Write for Him, and ignore what other people say. It just doesn't matter.

About the Author

Image provided by Ivy Rose.

Ivy Rose is an eighteen-year-old history lover and literary enthusiast. Aside from writing, she enjoys being outdoors, chocolate, travelling, reading, and ATVing (preferably if there is mud involved). She resides with her family of nine on the banks of the Long Lake in eastern Washington.

You can connect with Ivy via her blog, Goodreads, and Pinterest.
Tour Schedule

Friday, July 8th (release day!)
Saturday, July 9th
Monday, July 11th
Tuesday, July 12th
Wednesday, July 13th
Thursday, July 14th
Friday, July 15th


Thank you so very much for answering our questions, Ivy!! It has been a pleasure working with you during this blog tour!!

And to my fellow Dragons: Doesn't The Old River Road look awesome?! It's historical, takes place in the Pacific northwest, and tells the story of the author's ancestors... I can't wait to get my hands on it! (I mean, really. It just looks/sounds amazing. And incredible. And I can't wait to read it, now.)   :)



  1. Ooh, this sounds like an interesting book. People don't remember their family history often enough these days.

    1. It's a wonderful story, Athelas! I whole-heartedly recommend checking it out!

  2. Thank you so much for being a part of my tour!

    1. No problem, Ivy! Thanks for having me be a part of it! It's been a blast! :)

  3. Great questions, Olivia! I love the pirate one. ;) So excited about this book!

    1. Thanks, Kate! :)
      And yes, this book is lovely! :D

  4. Read it Olivia. True stories are great.

    I liked your questions. And Ivy's answers. Especially her advice for writers. Don't forget that, people.

    1. Thanks, Annie! :)
      And I just recently read it; I agree, it's wonderful! Ivy's truly an amazing writer!


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