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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Plans & Goals

Image by yours truly.
This post was inspired by fellow blogger Alea Harper's post over at Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings. (And yes, I know this is my second post regarding summer, today, but please just bear with me!)  :)

  1. Write that acting post. I have a portion of it written and the rest outlined. Sorry it's taken so stinkin' long! Life has been rather crazy for an actual "non-life" post.
  2. Do a vlog. Because, why not?
  3. Update my bookish blog. I consider myself rather talented at neglecting things.
  4. Finish reading A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold. I'm so close! And it's so good! And yet I've somehow taken forever!
  5. Reach the near-completion outline for When the Sky Cries. Before Camp NaNoWriMo!
  6. Get started on my summer to-read list. I seriously cannot wait to start! I'm particularly looking forward to Follower of the Word, and The Ilyon Chronicles just sounds amazing!
  7. Camp NaNoWriMo! During which I will likely shun all friends, acquaintances, and family members. (Ha ha... I hope not! But still. It's a writing month. And I really want to have my second draft of When the Sky Cries finished, by the end of it.)
  8. Real camping. 'Cause nothing beats real camping.
  9. Visit my hometown! Which is utterly amazing, and, in my completely unbiased opinion, the best place on earth.
  10. Youth Meeting. You. Need. To come. August fifth, sixth, and seventh. You can find out all the details at this link.
  11. Finish my summer to-read list. Finish my second draft of When the Sky Cries. Somehow, these things just seem to belong together.
  12. Create an autumn to-read list. It's simply necessary.

I refuse to add "starting school" to the list. Because it's awful, and does not need to be considered until absolutely necessary.

...So, what are your summer plans? Do you have a summer to-read list? :)

I hope you have an excellent afternoon! And many spectacular, marvelous adventures! And absolutely no thoughts of school, whatsoever!



  1. This was a wonderful post, Liv; I really enjoyed reading it! I'll have to do a post of my Summer plans and goals + reading list, it seems quite fun :).

  2. I should make a summer list, I love A Branch of Silver, a branch of Gold.


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