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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beautiful People: Radha, Who Hates Eggs

So I thought I might hop on the wagon (yet again *coughs*) and attempt to do the Beautiful People, this month. Because it means I can only further understand my characters. And, why not?



1. What is their first childhood memory?
This would be Radha at about age fourteen, which
is when the novel takes place. {Source.}

Radha's first childhood memory is of being given a wooden sword by her older brother (by eleven years), Conleth. She was about two-and-a-half when it was given to her.

2. What were their best and worst childhood experiences?

Radha's best childhood experiences were almost all the ones with Conleth by her side. Those two were serious buddies!

Her worst childhood experience happened at age nine, when her father's best friend betrayed him and set the palace under siege.

3. What was their childhood home like?

Friendly and loving, though after the siege, the tension increased and Radha grew apart (a little ways) from her parents.

4. What was something that scared them as a child?

Inhuman masks. Radha can stand jesters, acrobats, and dancers, but any speechless person wearing a strange mask would utterly frighten her.

5. Who did they look up to most?

Conleth, for sure. :)

6. Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

She adored bear and shepherd's pie. She hated eggs.

7. If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?

She would definitely be more obedient and say kinder things. I believe Radha understands how, though the siege had a traumatic impact on her, it did eventually change her for the better. So no, I don't think she'd change anything.

8. What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

She was irritatingly curious and "improperly" wild. Radha hates herself for the numerous unkind actions she took, when she was younger.

9. What was their relationship with their parents to their siblings like?

Somehow, Radha was never as close to her parents as she was to Conleth. Her parents' strict duties as royals kept them from becoming tightly knit family.

10. What did they want to be when they grew up? What did they actually become?

Knight. Knight. :D




  1. I love her character picture, and she wants to be a knight! <3

  2. Very cool post Liv, I liked it! And I love the picture you chose for her character.

  3. She sounds like an interesting character! I love the name "Radha" too!


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