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Friday, May 20, 2016

Twenty-Two Days Until Freedom

Well, I've had a pretty long week. Between still getting over a cold that's been disappearing and reappearing over the past five-ish months, finishing up my freshman year, and, ya know, having a life, it's pretty much been like this:

COLD: "I have taken over the world!! Mwahahahaha!" 
HIGH SCHOOL: "Ooo, I want to do it, too!" 
(*high school takes over the world*) (*cold carelessly comes in second place*) 
LIFE: "Umm, what about me?" 
(*life is ignored*) (*life cries*) (*I turn in homework for the month*) (*life is happy to have at least half a day of nothing to do*)

Sooo... yeah. I'm pretty much blurry-eyed as I type this (so please excuse me if this post seems really random). (Of course, the blurry-eyed part might be from the nap I took after taking two tests, two quizzes, spending almost an hour on Rosetta Stone, and finishing season two of BBC's Robin Hood in one sitting...)

Speaking of Robin Hood -- season two. The ending. Oh, what sorrow! I thought it was the end of the entire series, at first! I need to vent, but (*sighs dramatically*) spoilers! So I've typed the venting in white (highlight the apparently empty space below with your cursor, if you happen to desire to read them). Keep scrolling for more reading, if you don't want to. :)

Guys! Marian's dead! For real, this time! But she married Robin! But she's dead! And Djaq confessed her love to Will! And Allen's back in the gang! And I cried! And back to Marian! Guy killed her! Guy! How could he? (*bursts into a fit of sobbing*) Noooo!

A few words about Marian: She was my role model! Marian was awesome! (*sobs some more*) But she's dead!! (*drowns the world in tears*)

(*sigh*) Yup...

Anywhozens, I got to participate in my first blog tour, this month!! The post went up today, for Samara's Peril, a new book in The Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight! If you missed it, click here to read it.

That's all, I suppose. For now, at least. :)



  1. Being a high school student myself, I can really relate. It is SO hard to juggle everything sometimes!

    You finished the entire second season in one sitting? Wow, that's impressive :D. Sounds fun!

  2. Oddly enough I am re watching Robin Hood with my sister. We're on the finale today. She was pretty shocked by the ending of season two.


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