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Monday, March 28, 2016

Featured Short Story #2, by Erudessa Aranduriel

Thank you to Erudessa Aranduriel for her submission for Monday's Unicorn -- 1-25-2016!! :)

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Poor Sylva.  She stood in the little clearing with her head upraised, a mixture of intense anger and deep sorrow on her face.  Her rabbit friend lay at her feet and the butterflies that lived in her glen fluttered comfortingly around her, but nothing assuaged her grief.

Her mate was dead now; handsome, magnificent Convallis.  Unicorns mate for life and if one of the pair dies, it brings deep grief to the living mate.  Especially if their death was for nothing.  Convallis had been killed by hunters who wanted his horn, hide, mane and tail.  Thankfully Sylva, Con's rider, and myself had reached the spot and captured them before these things could be taken.  Convallis had still been alive when we reached him, but just barely.  There wasn't anything that we could do and he only lived long enough to bid us goodbye.

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