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Monday, March 28, 2016

Featured Short Story #1, by Erudessa Aranduriel

Thank you to Erudessa Aranduriel for her very sweet submission regarding Monday's Unicorn -- 1-18-2016!! :)

Image recovered from this link.

A pale blue-green light filled the forest as Lupine pranced happily down the tree-lined lane towards me. I smiled at her joy, for I too was filled with that utter happiness. She had just met the young male unicorn who was to be her mate and I, in three months, would marry that unicorn's rider. Together the four of us would live happy and fruitful lives, with hopefully many children from both unions. With my arm across her neck, Lupine and I watched our men through a gap in the trees. Fern and Nat were galloping toward the mountain valley that would be our home one day. Admiration filled us both, for Nate was a wonderful rider and Fern, a magnificent unicorn.

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