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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Sound of My Thinking Tag

Image recovered from this link.

I was tagged by Caroline M., over at Of Stars and Ink-Stained Things, to participate in the "sound of my thinking" tag. Thanks, Caroline! :)


  • Grab the graphic (above).
  • Stick it in a post about your thought process, deep thoughts, trains of thought, imaginary worlds... (And share a copy of these rules!) Personify your brain, have a conversation with it -- the possibilities are endless!
  • Tag other persons to do the same! (And don't forget to thank the person who tagged you!)

I want to get to the people to tag, first... Since I did a challenge just the other day, I'm rather hesitant to tag any more people. (Plus I just don't really know many people with blogs!) So I thought, instead, anyone who feels so inclined to do this challenge can. :)

So let's get started. :D

Meet... my Brain!

Image recovered from this link.

This is my Brain. Isn't it adorable?

While I was originally searching for a brain wearing a bowtie (bowties are cool), I ran across this one... And it's too cute not to share. <3

But don't let my Brain's looks fool you! While we work together like, well, a brain with a body, my Brain can actually be quite annoying!

I am not!

Dear, sweet brain... please save your words for the interview.

Uhg. Fine.

Thank you, darling.

Interview with my Brain

Thank you for joining us here, today, Brain.

(*huffs*) I'm ignoring you.

Really? Why?

Because you're mean.

How am I mean?

You're loud! And clumsy, too!

Dearest Brain, don't you understand? You get to order me around. If you don't like my clumsiness so much, why don't you just stop it?

Because you make me work too much! And by the way, you haven't addressed how loud you are! (*glares*)

But you do realize you give me my voice?

I do?

Yes. You're very important.

Well... I suppose...

And don't you realize how wonderful you are? Dear, sweet Brain -- you give me dreams! You provide me with imaginary adventures! Did you know that, because of you, I get to travel across thousands of galaxies each night?

Go on.

And I have no control over you. You may be my Brain, but you are highly independent. When I object, you object to my objection!

I am pretty special, now, aren't I?

You give me the plot ideas right after I've turned out the light and gotten all cozy in my bed! You're the one who doesn't remind me to grab my textbook for classes; classes in which the textbook is mandatory.

So you're insulting me, now?

What? Pssh! No! I am... complimenting you?

That was a question.

What makes you think that?

Duh. I'm your brain.

...Anywho... I'm afraid we must close this interview off, my lovely Brain, before--

Hold on! I want to talk about the time you went insane during English class!

Nope! No! No! No! Farewell, Brain!

(*whining*) But, Olivia!

I'm afraid that's all for now! Bye, guys!


What's your brain like? Do you ever feel as if you're having conversations with it?

1 comment:

  1. This was such a fun post, Olivia! Apparently I'm not the only one who sometimes tries to convince my brain to think differently about something or other :D.


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