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Saturday, February 13, 2016


This is, I confess, a crazy late review. The Abominable Bride did come out at the start of 2016, after all. But, nevertheless, here I go. :)

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Sherlock Holmes is the world's most clever detective, if, well, not exactly "all there". With his good friend, Doctor John Watson, at his side, the pair are known for solving incredibly complex cases, and even making it seem logical. So it is no surprise that the London police often turn to them for help.

But this time, it's different, and like nothing they've ever seen before: A ghoulish bride who simply cannot die... and yet her body appears to be as silent as the grave.

I had high expectations for The Abominable Bride, and, overall, it went above and beyond my hopes.

While I would discuss the lov-ability of the characters, I believe that is something the viewer must figure out for themself. But, most importantly, DO NOT WATCH THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN SEASONS ONE, TWO, AND THREE OF SHERLOCK. This is very important!! There is information revealed towards the end of the movie relating to season three's cliffhanger, which should not be seen unless you are all caught up on Sherlock!

(*clears throat, adjusts bowtie, puts on deerstalker hat*) Moving on, then.

Overall, the plot was very intense and exciting, and most definitely something you should not watch alone, or, at least, not alone and at night. While I enjoyed the plot immensely (as well as seeing a couple of my favourite screen characters, again), I found it to be slightly disappointing. Slightly. Which is why it received four-and-a-half stars instead of five.

So, what was wrong with it? While I was one-hundred-percent focused on the story, I found the, er, "time travel" (not relevant to Doctor Who) of sorts to be a little confusing. At first, I thought I had it all figured out. But then they threw in even more dreams and alternate realities, and such.

But what I was most happy about was that it explained the end of season three. (Yep, fellow Sherlockians -- it explained it! Do not miss this!) But, while I dare not speak of spoilers, the overall conclusion was somewhat disappointing, yet, at the same time, totally awesome. (Watch it, and you'll understand.)

Something more you should know before watching: There is some feminism in there (or, rather, strong support for women's rights, since it didn't actually seem to be putting men down). And while I'm not a feminist or strong supporter of women's rights, I thought it was incredible. The way it was incorporated in there was so well done, and so exciting, and so-- Well, I'm rambling, now. :)

Okay, I loved it. Every bit of it (almost). You need to watch The Abominable Bride. There. Case closed. ;)


  1. I loved it as well, I always love Sherlock though. It's just such a well made show.

  2. I loved nearly every moment of this installment but there was something (that I couldn't quite put my finger on) that I didn't 100% love. That being said, I still felt this was brilliant and cannot wait for more! :)


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