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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Book Review: CARABAS

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When she finds herself about to killed for crimes of sorcery, young witch Catou is surprised when she finds the miller's simpleton son standing beside her. Reluctantly, the villagers banish the two, believing they are following the king's Law.

But Catou knows better.

In this Puss in Boots retelling by Sophie Masson, Catou leads her new friend on a reluctant adventure, in which they encounter a clever wizard, foolish noblemen, and a beautiful lady of the court.

Spun into a new life, the miller's son leaves Catou behind, and, when given the chance, becomes a Spanish lord, forgetting his old ways... But deep down, he knows better. Deep down, he is in love. And deep down, he knows that he will one day rise to power, and help to bring Catou the life she has been longing for.

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Carabas is probably my favourite Sophie Masson book, so far, considering the plot, the characters, and the writing.

However, the storyline seemed a bit confusing, after the first few chapters. While the miller's son -- Fredrick -- and Catou were venturing about the countryside with hopes of reaching Paris, I was entirely on board. But when Catou brought up being a figure born of the law, my first thought was, What? Please explain.

And so it did -- in the last couple of chapters. But, thankfully, Carabas was unlike the other books in the Star Maker trilogy, and did not come to a skidding halt like Cold Iron and Clementine.

As to the writing: To writers who are seeking inspiration and hoping to absorb a good writing style -- I would not suggest reading this. The writer's voice is merely a "so-so", and, unfortunately, does not completely captivate the reader.

Finally, the characters. Catou, Fredrick, and Monsieur Balze were a truck-load of fun, each of them filled with intrigue, hope, and defiance! Until multiple personalities and name changes were introduced.

The next thing I knew, I was liking the characters less and less. Even the all-knowing Balze lost his charm.

So it was that I found Carabas something I somewhat wished I hadn't read. However, if you have enjoyed Sophie Masson's writing style in the past, this I would recommend, for it goes above and beyond her usual tale.

That being said, I would give Carabas two or two-and-a-half stars, overall.

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