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Saturday, February 6, 2016


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Beauty and the Beast -- it's a tale as old as time.

But, in Walt Disney's depiction, how did the prince become a beast? It wasn't all merely because he turned a grumpy old woman selling roses away, now, was it?

In The Beast Within, author Serena Valentino dives into the fantastical world of the Beast, pulling the reader into the depths of his being. Readers experience a unique voice, see the relation between the Beast and Gaston, and encounter a trio of witches, a forgiving sorceress, and unexpected heroines.

The Beast Within retells the story of Beauty & the Beast, and gives some enchanting background information, as well.

Click here to find The Beast Within on Goodreads.

During the first two chapters of The Beast Within, I wasn't expecting much, but when the author put the Beast in a trance and began to explain how he became a monster, the story became riveting, and almost impossible to put down.

The storyline and the writing style Serena Valentino put to use were incredible, but it was the characters that made me fall in love with it.

The Beast is so much more than the viewers see on the screen -- he is not as innocent as he appears in his beastly form. Readers of the book come to find what lurks beneath his long, curved horns. They see a story of heartbreak, mistakes, hope, loyalty, and forgiveness.

And there is much more to Gaston, Cogsworth, Lumiere, and the old woman, as well, making for a truly captivating tale.

Belle was a bit disappointing, however. Instead of making her a larger-than-life character, she is only mentioned a few times throughout the story, and is described as being different than other girls, instead of actually being proved as such.

But overall, The Beast Within was wonderful, and fans of Disney should read it as soon as they can!

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