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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Events of Nightwind Court -- January 2016

I still can't believe it's already 2016! And, annoyingly enough, I'm still wanting to wish everyone a "happy New Year" -- every chance I get.

So, this'll be my very first Events post of the new year -- yaay! (*enter Irish musicians playing songs of celebration*)

That being said, here they are. (Forgive my rather awkward introduction.)



Image recovered from this link.

Shortly after I entered my novella in the 2014 creative writing contest, I began to feel pretty down about it, seeing as the plot was nearly identical to the Disney cartoon, the characters unrealistic, the wording unedited, and the writing downright awful.

But oh my stars! After six months of work on this project and a ton of editing, I feel as if, this year (or last??), I actually stand a chance! And, whether I Once Dreamed be included or not, I am whole-heartedly looking forward to the Five Magic Spindles collection!! :)



I've been making little progress on draft two of my WIP, When the Sky Cries, but, seeing as I Once Dreamed has been sent off and my participation in The Snow Queen over, I don't think this draft will be terribly hard to conquer.

[Learn more about When the Sky Cries here. Follow its board on Pinterest here.]


School Starts

School restarts, this week. Yaay.

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Can't you tell I'm thrilled?


Blogger Awards

Moving on to a happier note, it's time to determine the winner of this month's "blogger award"!

Congratulations to Celtic Woman and Oonagh, with "Tir Na nÓg"!

To celebrate Celtic Woman's upcoming album, Destiny, the group teamed up with German singer Oonagh, to bring us a stunning new music video! And Destiny is to be released in only thirteen days!!

Image recovered from this link.

Click here to pre-order Destiny.


And those are the January 2016 Events of Nightwind Court!

What does your January look like?

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