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Sunday, January 3, 2016


This post was inspired by a shelfie tag I found on author Jill Stengl's blog, books, cats, and whimsy. The challenge is to post, rather than a selfie, a picture of your favourite bookshelf. And my subject for this post is to be the shelf by my bed (which has only recently run out of room).

However, seeing as this is the newest of three bookshelves in my room, I have only had the chance to read about seven of the books actually on here. And you will see little tidbits of series here and there -- just a little tribute to the many series too big to fit (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, etc.).


This image is of the top shelf -- the "random" shelf, as I like to call it. Strange sci-fi I'll probably never read, modern mythology, the grand HP, and mysteries.

This is my favourite shelf, and probably the prettiest and most exciting I possess! Here we have fantasy with a little bit of historical fiction scattered throughout it.

And here is the third and final shelf! More modern mythology stuff, a few Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary novels (which are a genre all of its own), devotionals, three copies of the Christian's Expositor (number four of volume three, number four of volume four, and number two of volume six -- all issues that my dad wrote in!), Amish fiction, classics, and tween novels (that I'll probably never read).

So there you have it! That is my latest shelfie. :D

What about you? What are some of your favourite bookshelves?


  1. I know I'm super late to comment on this post but, oh my word, you have some mighty lovely bookshelves, Olivia. Just had to say it :).


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