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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Farewell to 2015...

Can you believe that it's already December thirtieth? And the day before the deadline of emailing Five Magic Spindles entries?

This has been one incredibly awesome year.

*A Sapphire Chamber* has had its first blogiversary.

Five Enchanted Roses was released.

Many, many books by favoured authors have been published.

Many writers have been blessed to work on Five Magic Spindles.

I've even come one book away from accomplishing my reading goal for the year!! :D

Here is a list of the novels I've read, this year, with the books I highly recommend in blue:

  1. Chataine's Guardian by Robin Hardy.
  2. Stone of Help by Robin Hardy.
  3. Liberation of Lystra by Robin Hardy.
  4. Nicole of Prie Mer by Robin Hardy.
  5. Ares of Westford by Robin Hardy.
  6. Prisoners of Hope by Robin Hardy.
  7. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  8. Road of Vanishing by Robin Hardy.
  9. Dead Man's Token by Robin Hardy.
  10. Games of God & Men by Robin Hardy.
  11. In Extremis by Robin Hardy.
  12. The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane.
  13. The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan.
  14. All Mirrors & All Suns by Robin Hardy.
  15. The Laughing Side of the World by Robin Hardy.
  16. Maleficent by Elizabeth Rudnick.
  17. Five Enchanted Roses by Kaycee Browning, Savannah Jezowski, Jenelle Schmidt, Dorian Tsukioka, & Hayden Wand.
  18. Cold Iron by Sophie Masson.
  19. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Overall, it's been an incredible, fast-paced year.

I was one of the second-place winners in my school's first science faire.

I was thrown a surprise HP party for my fourteenth birthday.

I traveled to Humboldt with my parents and one of my best friends.

The Placerville Church of Christ hosted their annual Youth Meeting.

The Turlock Church of Christ hosted the annual Memorial Day Meeting.

I finished my first draft of When the Sky Cries.

I went to my first ren faire.

I flew to Oklahoma (by myself!).

My mom and I visited Oregon for the first time.

My parents and I went camping in Tahoe National Forest.

Our congregation hosted its ninth annual Youth Meeting.

I started the Church of Christ Fiction Writers' group.

The Covina Church of Christ hosted the 2015 Labor Day Meeting.

I started my first year of high school.

The Auburn Church of Christ hosted their annual Harvest Meeting.

I was nominated for an award by the National Academy of Future Scientists & Technologists.

I participated in the Mount Everest Academy Theatre Company's first ever production, The Snow Queen.

I wrote a novella.

I've written and published five short stories on *A Sapphire Chamber*.

...Overall, it has been one incredible year! Thanks to everyone who have truly made it count!

What has your year been like? What sort of adventures have you had? Do share! :)

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  1. My year has been pretty crazy, but overall super amazing! Writing is always an adventure... and I am looking forward to what the next year holds! I just found your blog and I love it so far! Keep up the good work. I know how hard it can be from personal experience! :)


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