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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Progress on I ONCE DREAMED

Yes. I should be working on it. Or am I?

I am glad to say that I've gone past the word count minimum for Five Magic Spindles! I'm slightly over seven-thousand, at the moment, with a grand total of fifteen pages and eight chapters!

Not that I've reached the ending, yet, of course. No, that is in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future. My goal is to have finished I Once Dreamed by the end of Thanksgiving break, so I might send in my submission form, edit my tale, and then finally (stomach churning at the very thought of it) email the document in.

So I thought it might be time to provide a little information on the story. :)

As you may know, Five Magic Spindles's editor Anne Elisabeth Stengl held a show-and-tell on her blog back in September. The three main information segments the writers provided included their plot in a few short sentences, their opening lines, and their author bio.

My two-sentence plot is this:

Far off in the countryside of the kingdom of Ashindust lies the charming estate and castle of Hazelbend. Little do passers-by know that terrified servants, a lonely lady, and a treacherous butler are trapped inside...

Okay, so the plot's still the same. But there has been a wee change to the story.

The opening lines sent in to Anne Elisabeth Stengl were from some of the first drafts, which did not feel as if they were going well at all. But, thanks to draft four, there's been quite the progress made, along with new opening lines:

"She's having them again, Physician."

"And they're getting worse."

What, I wonder? ;)

There is a verse that has helped to inspire my novella! Psalm 55:22, ESV, reads, "Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved."

Modeled after how one blog introduces its book reviews, here's some of the basic information:

Title: I Once Dreamed

Author: Olivia K. R. Fisher

Main character: Lady Faerydae

Genre: Historical fiction/Christian fantasy

Audience: Young adult

And there you have it!

The time period takes place mainly in November of 1400, in a mighty kingdom called Ashindust, on the continent of Repel (like "reap-ull"), which I would say likes somewhere between Iceland, the UK, Norway, and Denmark. I haven't entirely decided for sure, yet. :)

What about you? How's your novella going? Did you enter the September show-and-tell? Have you sent in your Sleeping Beauty retelling, yet? Do tell!

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