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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Events of Nightwind Court -- October 2015

What a crazy start to schooling it has been! It feels as if time has been flying by, but at the same time, simply dragging on. Thank goodness there's this blog to update. :)

Let's look at a few recent happenings around here, shall we?

Five Magic Spindles entry-in-progress.

It seems as my life has been revolving around this contest. Just last month was the September show-and-tell on Anne Elisabeth Stengl's blog. ...How was it just last month?! And not to mention that I've started my fourth draft of my novella. I must admit, however, that the story is picking up progress, and so far, I am very pleased with it.

Five Magic Spindles research.

Having a good friend entering Five Magic Spindles with me has been so encouraging! So now, I've been loaned a couple of lovely books to read to assist me with my "research".

And they are...

That's right! Five Enchanted Roses from Rooglewood Press and Cold Iron/Clementine/Carabas by Sophie Masson!

The first one I am inexpressibly thrilled about, and the latter I can't wait to read! I've begun Five Enchanted Roses from the last story, The Wulver's Rose by Hayden Wand, and it. Is. Amazing. I read from the prologue all the way to chapter five when I first received it, and am now lingering on chapter ten, attempting to get some homework completed without thinking about the story too much... ;)

First blogiversary.

Did I mention that Tuesday marked my one-year blogiversary? You can check out the celebratory post regarding that over at this link.

And below is a blog button to share, just in case you're interested! You can link it back to: oliviakfisher.blogspot.com.

New bookshelf additions.

Well, the bookshelf nearest to my bed has received a couple of new additions (as of yesterday)! Let's give a warm welcome to Elizabeth Rudnick's A Frozen Heart and Rick Riordan's The Sword of Summer -- both of which I am ecstatic to read!

And look! The Sword of Summer has come with a special edition "Nine Worlds" poster! Isn't it lovely?

...A blurry and rather unprofessional picture, yes, I know. :)

A package from China.

I don't even know why I'm sharing this. Perhaps it's the fact that I've never received a package directly from a foreign country, before. But here it is! And I love it. :D

Audition for The Snow Queen... and callbacks!

My school's new theatre company is doing its first ever play -- The Snow Queen! And, taking a huge step out of my comfort zone, I auditioned on Wednesday. And Thursday were the callbacks.

...Well, now I've received a role! Three to four, in fact! (I even got the one I wanted!!)

What a month! Yes indeed, I shall be incredibly busy! But busy is good, is it not? :)

(I am hoping that after the holidays, I'll be able to spend more quality time with my writing... and less with my homework! :P )

Well, what about you? How are your plans going for this October? What major tasks are you planning to accomplish? :)

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