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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Woe to the Murdered Manuscripts!

It seems that this is yet another post inspired by the talented Anne Elisabeth Stengl (this one's based off her own Manuscript Graveyard, of 2011). I thought that I might share just a handful of the many novels and novellas I once began, but never went anywhere. (You'll see stories I might one day consider restarting marked with a *.)

I. For Wonderlock -- a sci-fi retelling of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, partly taking place in an asylum in which the Queen of Hearts is trapped.

II. Haunted Knights -- a story in which a group of knights is sent to the future, and soon grow to remember their pasts. But one of them still can't remember, and the others must find a way to help her.

III. A Thousand Hunters -- a charming young Brit attends a career-building boarding school, where he falls in love with a rather pretty -- and clever -- professor.

IV. Andromeda -- a retelling of the Greek myth. You may recognize the legend better as the story that inspired the old film Clash of the Titans.

V. Bewitched then Enchanted -- a tale in which a fairytale princess is sent to the future and becomes a car saleswoman, all the while being protected by her good friend Mark and Prince Charming, himself.*

VI. Ehud -- a fictional novella based off of the true story of the man with the double-edged sword from Judges, chapter three.

VII. Dame of the High Seas -- a young servant accused of being a witch must leave her master (who she's head-over-heels for) to become both a pirate and a captain. A Cinderella story, of sorts.

VIII. Lightning Crown -- based off a dream I once had, in which a teen girl travels to Ireland to become a warrior. Was originally planned to be a series, but looking back on it, I think I'd make it a single novel if I ever started it up again.*

IX. London's Fog -- a tale of England in the 1900s, in which a young woman is in an arranged engagement to a wealthy businessman, but has fallen for a middle-class employee.

X. Number Ten, Highway Zero -- a Beauty and the Beast retelling (wish I'd remembered this for the creative writing contest, last year!). I remember dreaming this up one April at my grandpa's house.

(And, last but not least...)

XI. The Lady Rapunzel -- a (you guessed it!) Rapunzel retelling inspired by a bit of Tangled concept art I once found. If I were to ever find a creative writing contest based upon the girl with the golden hair, then I would be more than happy to start this up, again!*

And, to close off, I give you all a quote:

"Don't abandon your work unless you see absolutely no alternative! And never throw it out entirely, because there might be a hidden gem in the midst of all that nonsense that will glint with inspiration for you, one day..."
--Anne Elisabeth Stengl


  1. Hi, Olivia! I'm visiting from Anne's Show-and-Tell. Terrified servants, a treacherous butler, and a lonely lady??? I want to read your story!!!! Here's to hoping you win. Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh my stars, thank you, @wisdomcreates! Your comment has made my day!! Thank you so very much!!
      By the way, I read your retelling information at the September Show-and-Tell, also, and it sounds spectacular! I hope you win, as well!
      Have fun writing! :)


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