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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Musings of a Night Owl

Most of my life (as I can recall), I've been a night owl. My mind may be rather confuddled at the late hours of ten or eleven at night, but it is directly after dinnertime -- as the sun is setting -- that I think my best. And it is then that I do most of my writing.

I was wondering as I returned from a short break from my homework, today, why I'd been getting less distracted than usual during my studies, recently. Then, I came up with two theories, each one hand-in-hand with the other.

1. I've been keeping my room very dimly lit, recently, meaning that finding and attaching myself to distractions is much harder than if I could see everything perfectly.
2. My room (going back to the dim lighting) only has one light on during the hour of my studies. A tiny desk lamp, at that. All of my curtains are drawn, as well, and my door is closed. Could this be that the atmosphere gives me the effect of the evening, causing my brain to be more concentrated and focused?

And there they are. :)

What about you? Is there a certain atmosphere you work best in?

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