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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Events of Nightwind Court -- September 2015

I must start off by saying that this post was inspired by Anne Elisabeth Stengl's monthly Doings at Drakenheath posts. And so, without further ado, I introduce to you all my (possibly) monthly post series (yet again -- possibly), The Events of Nightwind Court! Starting with September...

High school!!!! ...Yaay...

Of course, where would September be without the starting of school? And not just any school -- high school! That's right -- bushels of classes, college prep, homework, and more. Thank goodness I use an independent study school, though!

Farewell to summer meetings.

By the end of the summer, I'd say that I've attended -- what? -- about five seasonal gospel meetings. Autumn meetings are to be rolling in, of course, followed by winter, spring, and, yet again, summer.

One year since my adventure began.

The end of September is to be marking exactly one year since I started working on my novel-in-progress. My thoughts on things?

Wow. One year. One totally awesome, incredibly aggravating, story-begging year.

And it's been an awesome year, at that. But, of course, due to Rooglewood Press's third annual creative writing contest, I've had to step down from writing my novel-in-progress to begin toiling away on my novella entry.

Looking back on things, I've realized that -- wow! The first draft of my novel-in-progress was almost finished! ...And yet there were SO many plotholes.

So, my plan is to finish up my novella (writing, editing, editing, editing, submitting, etc.), and then return to that good ol' story. And I hope to be starting fresh. Since the first draft was nearly completed, I plan to leave it unfinished, and turn to draft two. The outline has changed so much since then that I might as well. And so, from now on, I figure on referring to my novel-in-progress as...

The game is afoot.

And the novella. Oh, the novella! Once upon a time, I'd begun it as a modern-day fairytale taking place in Louisiana. But it wasn't too long before I lost interest and became incredibly bored with it.

Sometime in July, I tossed the novella away, and thought about it a bit. Soon, I'd started an entirely different tale -- one that was medieval, romantic, and I was totally in love with it. And I've been working on it ever since.

Hopefully, this story is and will remain a blast for me. As I've learned from last year, if your novella is not selected, it is yours to attempt to publish. Which could be wonderful.

September show-and-tell.

By the way, to all who are interested and are participating in this creative writing fun, Anne Elisabeth Stengl released on Saturday that she plans to be having a September show-and-tell. To learn more about that exciting affair, click here.

...So that was it! My first The Events of Nightwind Court post! What did you think? What are your plans for September? :)

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