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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September Show-and-Tell + New Blog Look!

1. September Show-and-Tell

Have any of you Five Magic Spindles writers out there participated in the September Show-and-Tell on Anne Elisabeth Stengl's blog? If so, her new post is out, with a handful of the contestant's working titles, opening lines, and author bios ready for the reading! Head on over to this link to learn more.

And just in case you want to see my entry into this spectacular show-and-tell...

2. New Blog Look

Does anything around here seem different to you? Exciting news -- a blog settings update!

And though a rainy-window background did rather suit my pluviophile personality, I was getting tired of it, and thought it might be time for a change... (And I must admit that I was inspired by Tracey Dyck's Adventure Awaits background!)

There is, however, a downside to all this. My older posts were formatted to fit the blog's theme, and now that there's an entirely new setup, there are many things to be reset to fit the style and formatting. Which I don't plan on fixing, anytime soon. So, should you come across the desire to read any of my posts older than September sixteenth, 2015, you might have trouble reading them. That leaves you two options: a) either tilt your computer screen to adjust the colour coordination, or b) highlight the words within the post, which should allow for much easier (but not much prettier) reading.

And so, with that, good luck to you all, and may you have a blessed day! :)

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As of September sixteenth, 2015, this blog has been reformatted. However, all posts before that date have not been updated to fit the new format, and may not be as simple to read.

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