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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hopeful Motivation to the FIVE MAGIC SPINDLES Writers

With just a few short months left before the deadline of the Five Magic Spindles creative writing contest, writers are often finding themselves stuck, stressed, and exhausted. Some are even lacking in motivation, an all-too-important key in a writer's life.

So let's look back to the very first fairytale collection contest -- Five Glass Slippers.

Image recovered from this link.

Image recovered from this link.

It wasn't too long after its release that Five Glass Slippers became a bestseller in Canada, the US, and the UK. With the help of Christy-award-winning author Anne Elisabeth Stengl, five talented writers came together to form sweet romances, intriguing mysteries, science fiction retellings, and side-splitting comedies. These five novellas came to be known as What Eyes Can See by Elisabeth Brown, Broken Glass by Emma Clifton, The Windy Side of Care by Rachel Heffington, A Cinder's Tale by Stephanie Ricker, and The Moon Master's Ball by Clara Diane Thompson.

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Image recovered from this link.

It seems that last year's contest and this year's release of Five Enchanted Roses has been following in its predecessor's footsteps. The novellas included in this Beauty & the Beast fairytale collection include Esprit de la Rose by Kaycee Browning, Wither by Savannah Jezowski, Stone Curse by Jenelle Schmidt, Rosara and the Jungle King by Dorian Tsukioka, and The Wulver's Rose by Hayden Wand.

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In fact, as a promotion for Five Enchanted Roses, Rooglewood Press is now releasing the final tale as a free ebook, coming soon to Kindle and Nook.

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Now we've come back to this. The rather haunting Sleeping Beauty creative writing contest. Five Magic Spindles.

It could be you. Your name could be on the cover, bold as brass.

Remember the original collections -- how one of them's a bestseller, even outside of America? Use that as motivation.

But what if you don't get chosen? Look at the author of Rosara and the Jungle King! When her novella didn't get selected for Five Glass Slippers, she self-published it under the title of Cursed Beauty! And Dana Li, who gave away her Beauty & the Beast retelling, Empty Crowns, for free!

Rooglewood Press clearly states in their Five Magic Spindles submission form: I [your name] understand that should my story not be accepted for inclusion, all rights to my story revert back to me [your name].

So there you have it! If you don't get chosen, guess what! The novella's still yours, and you wrote it! If your tale isn't chosen, why not go and find a publisher (or self-publish it!) who'd be willing to put it in print for you?

Best of luck to you all! And "may the odds be ever in your favour"!

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  1. That's a great point to make, Olivia! Just because our work doesn't get presented in the way that we are originally intending for them doesn't mean that they shouldn't be presented at all. :)


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