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Friday, August 7, 2015

Here Comes School... Again

Well, school is just a few measly weeks away, which means that, unfortunately, there is likely to be a lot less blogging on *A Sapphire Chamber*. ...But who knows? It is, of course, a strong possibility that, with school coming around, there will be more free time to write than there ever was, this summer (Seeing that there are so many vacations and travel plans within this season.).

I will be starting high school this semester, and though I will not be changing schools, there are still a few down-ers about it. It is, after all, but four years away from college. No, no, not frightening, at all.

There are, still, a few upsides to becoming a freshman. For example, it'll officially be autumn! Only forty-six days and thirteen hours left! Which means that it's only a matter of weeks until warm mittens, fluffy scarves, and comfy blankets. (I'll ignore the fact that San Diego only has one season -- summer.)

So, until the next time, my dear bloggers -- farewell. :)

<3 always,

Olivia K. R. Fisher

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