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Friday, July 10, 2015

BAD HAIR DAY -- A Movie Review

Literally, only moments ago, I finished the Disney Channel film Bad Hair Day. And while I am not usually for Disney Channel movies, this one was amazing.

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Warning: content may contain minor spoilers.

Plot & Background

Monica Reeves [Laura Marano] is a high school tech wiz, and everything was going smoothly -- until she used far too much product in her hair. Now, her prom dress is ruined, her shoes have broken... and the dance is only a matter of hours away. The only thing that seems to still be in its proper shape and order is her beloved pawn shop necklace.

And then a supposed FBI agent [Leigh-Allyn Baker] shows up on Monica's doorstep, prepared for an agreement that, if Monica turns in her beloved necklace, then she will drive her around for the day.

In this side-splitting comedy, watch as Monica's life is turned upside down, from missing her hair appointment to being pursued by a remarkably intelligent jewel thief. Will Monica ever get to prom? And if she does, will her hair situation be resolved?


Five out of five stars!


I must say that Bad Hair Day has become one of my favourite movies! It is witty, fun, and absolutely hilarious! You will fall in love with the story, and be inspired by Monica and impressed by the jewel thief! Bad Hair Day is most definitely a film you want to add to your collection!

<3 always,

Olivia K. R. Fisher

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