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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Most Excellent Renaissance Faire

I had the pleasure of attending the amazing Koroneburg Renaissance Festival in Corona, California, this Saturday! It was, honestly, quite excellent, and I got such a thrill from going! Here are just a handful of the pictures I took:

Enchanted Realms, a spectacular Celtic duo, was there! They were incredible!

This is a goat. I'm not sure I have a comment about it, other than that...

Shooting! A good friend of mine helped me to recall the specifics of doing so.

Is this Poseidon? Or Neptune? Considering that there was nothing Greek there, but there were things Roman, then I would say the latter. :)

A lovely leather pouch.

The most beautiful gateway!

Unicorn love... <3

A wishing well!

A rather interesting title. My only wonder is why someone would name their hotel after a... well, a bug.

Something truly extraordinary occurred! My party and I arrived at the jousting arena extremely early so we could meet the baron and request a seat next to him, which was likely to be granted. Though this did not happen, something even better did.

As we were clustered underneath the baron's seating box, waiting for him to arrive, one of the women preparing the arena approached me and a friend, asking us to be the ladies to provide the competing knights with tokens of our favour. We elatedly agreed. So the woman bestowed upon us two "tokens" -- elastic hair ties with coloured ribbons to match our knights' uniforms.

My friend and I then went to our desired places, and the knights soon rode out...

This was the announcer.

...So the knights rode out, and began with a few simple tricks. After a minute or two, they asked for tokens of favour. When "my" knight (supposedly from France... so why is it he had a southern accent?) saw me with the token of favour, he began to approach...

...Once he had approached, he offered his lance for me to bestow the token upon. But, the knight (otherwise known as Sir Philippe), being incredibly awnry, would move his lance to a different place, and each time I would reach for it, he would move it to another spot. When Sir Philippe raised it high above my head then moved it to my right, I finally grew impatient enough, and snatched the end of it to place the token upon. Sir Philippe then requested my name, and I provided him with the title I was using around the faire: Lady Arwen. He bid me well, and then rode off to fight.

Soon after the jousting began, my friend came to my side, and when seeing Sir Philippe with advantage, rooted for him, shouting, "Kill! KILL!" The fight was extreme and entertaining, and Sir Philippe did indeed win, though he was struck in the face. There was [false] blood everywhere, and the opponent had [falsely] died. It was a joyful moment.

Sir Philippe's horse. After the joust, the knight was kind enough to take a picture with me. He did get his false blood on my sleeve, though... ;)

And so, after an awfully lovely day, I sleepily returned home with two treasures: a wooden replica of Frodo's sword, Sting, and...

...a unicorn charm, from a little shop called "Unicornicopia". The best day ever. :)



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