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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When You're Fed Up With It

So the main character is based off you -- and you're starting to hate them.

Uhg! Isn't that annoying? Someone you could relate to is now your worst nightmare! Perhaps you've slammed the screen down and snarled, or taken a deep breath and tried again. But things aren't going the way you planned. It's writer's block, no self-compassion towards your character, and even worse: you had so much hope! It feels as if the relationship you had with your character is falling apart -- or, perhaps, their world is. If you speed up the novel progress, then you might just ruin your chance at writing it, so what can you do?

Take a deep breath. What is your character doing that's annoying you?

Are they too cowardly? Too selfish? This character was (most likely) based off you, and now they're driving you barking mad! So what do you do.

First of all, give your novel a little bit of space. You have time, and if it doesn't ever get published, it's not that big of a deal. At least you'll have written it, and, should no publishing office accept it, you can always turn to self-publishing.

Secondly, relax and think about your character. I'm guessing that they were based off you. What is it about them that is driving you crazy? Maybe you're not able to relate to them, as much. Just calmly step back a little bit, and give yourself some well-deserved self-compassion. Don't ignore your novel, because you won't get anywhere if you do that.

Just watch your character and decide what it is that is bothering you. For example: they're too cowardly. (Now, remember: being a coward does not mean that you're afraid; it means that you are acting upon that fear.) So what do you do?

  1. Think about you. Are you too cowardly? (Remember to allow yourself some self-compassion!) Did you ever consider the idea that you're being too hard on yourself, and causing the character to become a twisted version of you?
  2. Now, look at the character. (Let's just say that they're a reflection of you.) Give them some compassion, and remember that you can change them come the next draft. Are you giving them the same compassion you're giving yourself? Ease up on them, and maybe lighten their load a wee bit.

But I still have writer's block! A-and...!

I know, I know! Believe me, I know! Truly think about your story. If you had known what is happening now when you were writing a few pages back, would things be different? Consider the situation, and try not to look for an easy way out. Just slowly ease yourself back into your writing, and consider your story. If your characters are suffering, what can you do to change that? If necessary, throw in a little twist the reader wouldn't expect. And remember that if things aren't working out (or if they are, but you still need some guidance... or just do it anyway), then just pray!! :)




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