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Friday, May 15, 2015

Signs of a True Unicorn

Unicorns are legends of mystical creatures representing purity and innocence, and though there is a possibility that there was a time in which they existed, there are, indeed, true unicorns walking amongst us, today.

But what might a true unicorn look like? Well, you can't just look -- you have to hunt, for them, really. You must befriend and analyze someone to determine whether or not they are a unicorn.

What's a true unicorn, though?

A true unicorn is a girl (usually in her teenage years, or at the age of a young adult) who fits the standard stereotype of a unicorn, which consists of purity and innocence.

Still not sure whether or not you know any unicorns? Take the test below. You might be surprised -- if you're not a unicorn, your best friend might be one, herself.

1. You would rather use Roman numerals over Arabic numbers, any day. Yes or no?
2. Italics are fun. Yes or no?
3. Blue is best. Yes or no?
4. You've often been described as "innocent". Yes or no?
5. You prefer hot cocoa over hot tea. Yes or no?
6. You prefer rain over sunshine. Yes or no?
7. You're a writer and/or an artist. Yes or no?
8. When it comes to candles, you prefer earthy scents over rich ones. Yes or no?
9. Chocolate is wonderful. Yes or no?
10. Coffee is drinkable, even if not the best. Yes or no?
11. There's a higher chance of you becoming a vegetarian than a meat-lover. Yes or no?
12. You enjoy wearing the colour black, but only because it's soothing. Yes or no?
13. Sparkles are love. Yes or no?
14. You're an introvert. Yes or no?
15. You want to be successful, which includes going to college. Yes or no?
16. There is a country in Europe that you are obsessed with. Yes or no?
17. Dogs over cats. Yes or no?
18. Reading is an adventure. Yes or no?
19. You often cry when something sad happens in a movie or TV program. Yes or no?
20. Drama on social networks is not okay. Yes or no?
21. When it comes to stress, you just need to relax. Yes or no?
22. Sparkling cider is man's greatest accomplishment. Yes or no?
23. The term "north" is more appealing to you than "south". Yes or no?
24. Autumn and winter over springtime and summer. Yes or no?

The more "yes"es you chose, the more of a unicorn you are! Congratulations! :)

Image by Anne Stokes; recovered from this link.



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