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Monday, April 13, 2015

What's Recent? The Winners of FIVE ENCHANTED ROSES, Artists of 2015's ToGW Fan Art Contest, & More

So many joyous occasions! There is much to announce!

Authors of Five Enchanted Roses

As many of you know, I entered a contest titled Five Enchanted Roses, in which authors send in various retellings of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's Beauty and the Beast. I sadly did not win, but am more than excited to announce (a long overdue announcement, if I do say so myself) the winners!

Kaycee Browning
with Espirit de la Rose,
Savannah Jezowski
with Wither,
Jenelle Schmidt
with Stone Curse,
Dorian Tsukioka
with Rosara and the Jungle King,
Hayden Wand
with The Wulver's Rose!

I am delighted for all these lovely authors, and cannot wait to read their stories! You can find more about the novella collection here.

I present to you, the new completed cover!

Winning Artists of the 2015 Tales of Goldstone Wood Fan Art Contest

It is now time to recognize the winning artists of the 2015 ToGW Fan Art Contest! I adore their work, and am happy to share!

Third place is
Dame Imraldera's Library by Hannah Rogers,
second place is
Una and Monster by Christa Wilson,
& first place is
Sunan Challenges Risafeth by Hannah Williams!

These three stunning pieces can be seen below, in order as listed above.

Aren't they beautiful?! There are three runner-ups, as well, one of my absolute favourites being:

Dreams of Reality by Courtney D.

To take a closer look at these talented artists' work, visit the author of Tales of Goldstone Wood -- Anne Elisabeth Stengl's -- blog. You may also be interested in viewing all the fan art pieces sent in. You can visit the separate blog posts by going to the links below.

A Chance to Win Draven's Light

I am only beginning to see how much I enjoy Tales of Goldstone Wood. Many of my blog posts have revolved around it, and this entry itself is basically all-things-Stengl. :)

Rooglewood Press -- the publishing company supporting the most recent books of ToGW -- is calling out book-lovers to read Anne Elisabeth Stengl's most recent Tale, Draven's Light! (Sound familiar? You may recall the cover reveal.) Even better than an early electronic copy of the novel? Influence-r readers also have the chance to win an autographed print copy!

Rules and guidelines for becoming an early reader of Draven's Light can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

I (to my great distaste, but own personal instruction) will not be entering for an early copy, seeing as I am still finishing up Dragonwitch, and want to read the books in order before moving on. But, my best wishes to all, and I cannot wait to read this Tale!



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