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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! Well, New Year's Eve, anyway...

*A Sapphire Chamber*, being started in October, doesn't have much to look back on (Unless you'd care to look back on the irritating issue of white highlights throughout my blog, but I don't think any of us would enjoy that...). However, there is something exciting to share!

Most of you know that Christian author Anne Elisabeth Stengl is one of my favorites, and when sharing my recent fan art with her, something rather magical -- or, I consider it magical, anyway -- happened.

You can see my fan art here (with the comments), or see it below...

Along with my Heartless fan art, I'd like to share about Christian musician Megan Rae's new album, In My Defense (which you can order from her by clicking here).

In My Defense: A Music Review

In My Defense is certainly a masterpiece! It is completed with fourteen tracks, adding up to a total of forty minutes.

My favorite song on this CD has to be "Fall from Stone", second-favorite being "Winter Will Be Over Soon". In fact, I love this CD so much that I think I should just rate the songs by favoritism:

I. "Fall from Stone"

II. "Winter Will Be Over Soon"

III. "Elizabeth"

IV. "In the Morning"

V. "Gold and Stone"

VI. "Hm"

VII. "Hoax"

VIII. "Sparrow's Secrets"

IX. "Weaved"

X. "The Soldier"

XI. "Have You"

XII. "Down the Road"

XIII. "Easier"

XIV. "In My Defense"

Farewell, 2014...

With this end-of-the-year surprise and music review, it seems only fitting to close off 2014 with four little words...:

See you next year!


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