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Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY: Morgana's Healing Bracelet from MERLIN

The popular BBC program Merlin -- which sadly ended in December of 2012 -- consists of many elements. Love, hope, sorcery, hatred, destruction... There's plenty to choose from.

One of the main characters of this show -- Morgana -- owns a magical healing bracelet, given to her by her half-sister in order to help her sleep.

And most of us long for her beautiful black hair, strange olive eyes, and incredible sense of fashion. Some of us even long for her healing bracelet, which, thankfully, we can make ourselves...


Here is my step-by-step tutorial for creating Morgana's healing bracelet. :)

You'll need:

--1 metal bracelet

--1 bottle of sleep-enhancing lotion

Step I

Gently squeeze the bottle of sleep-enhancing lotion onto the bracelet until a small dab has appeared.

Step II

Gently rub the lotion onto the bracelet, spreading it out across the surface.

Step III

Flip the bracelet over and repeat steps one and two.

Step IV

Make sure that all of the lotion is rubbed in on the bracelet (if your lotion is the brand I was using, then the bracelet should lightly smell of lavender). Let sit for one hour before handling.


It is possible that, over time, the sleep-enhancing lotion will wear off. In case this happens, keep the lotion on hand.


Sleep with the bracelet on, and you will soon find yourself sleeping longer and better.


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