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Friday, October 24, 2014


The time has come for me to review The Blood of Olympus by mythology writer Rick Riordan. This book came out on October 7th (2014), and I started it the day after (October 8th, 2014), eventually finishing it a week later (October 14th, 2014). Now it's time to review it.

Warning: content may contain spoilers.


For those of you who have never read any of Rick Riordan's books, they are very similar to this:

A group of kids loose their parents/have a bad relationship with them, then find out that they have magical powers and that the fate of the world is resting in their hands.

That's the typical outline for his novels. Rick Riordan has written outstanding stories (such as the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series), but, like every writer, he as also written his share of failures (for example, The Kane Chronicles).


Ever since the rebirth of Rick Riordan's hit series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, seven half-mortal-half-Olympians have been journeying across the world, trying to reach Greece in time to put Gaea back to sleep and save the Olympians from suffering of their Greek/Roman personality disorders.

In the meantime, two other mortal-Olympian hybrids (also known as demigods) and a satyr have been traveling back to New York with some pretty heavy luggage -- a.k.a. a forty-foot-tall statue modeled after the Olympian of weaving and wisdom, Athena.

With a deadly hunter on the trio's trail and a gathering of giants planning to sacrifice two of the seven demigods, there is no time to waste.


Two-and-a-half out of five stars on this one, folks.


Though I do love a good Rick Riordan book, The Blood of Olympus was not his best. Here's why:

1) The beginning was pretty un-explanatory. At first, it didn't reach down into the characters and pull out their feelings. Perhaps the first chapter being told from Piper McLean's point of view would've been best (considering that she's the most emotional of the seven).

2) We know some of the characters' feelings, but not all of them. Of course I enjoyed learning more about Nico and Reyna! But two of our old pals (Percy and Annabeth) would be nice to hear from, once and a while.

3) There were too many secrets. For example, through most of (or what seemed like most of) the book, Leo, Hazel, and Frank never gave any hints away about their secret plan for the physician's cure (I believe that's what the potion was called). The element of surprise is fun and exciting, but a little more info would be much appreciated.

4) The ending was not, er, epic enough. I had no idea what on earth was going on with the Greeks and Romans being surrounded by monsters, about to face Gaea... What was going on? And when Octavian died, it was impossible to know what was going on until Rick Riordan actually explained his death.

5) Last but not least, Caleo shippers sighed. Um, what I mean is that the reuniting of Leo and Calypso was not romantic enough. Leo has been spending most of his time trying to reach his long lost love, and Calypso has been stranded on an island falling in love with every man who steps foot on it. Also, how was it possible for Leo to reach Ogygia? The place was literally impossible to find! I guess we'll never know.

Overall, The Blood of Olympus was certainly not Rick Riordan's best Greek/Roman novel. Still, the arrival of his two books (Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes and The Sword of Summer) of 2015 is much anticipated.


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