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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Overcome Writer's Block

Uhg, it's happened again. Fifth time, today. You've gotten stuck at another writer's block, and you're not quite sure how to get past it. You have three-thousand words to write, today -- you need to get past it! What to do?

How To Overcome Writer's Block (My Complete Guide)

The Tricks

There's a trick that few authors know about. The secret? Tea. Or hot chocolate. A hot drink (coffee does not work -- trust me on this one) helps warm up your throat and, as approved by my at-home testing, clear your mind. Suddenly you are completely focused on your novel.

...It Helps, But What If It Doesn't Work?

Now it's time to get seriously tricky. You still can't focus. This next step is Netflix. Is there maybe a TV show with the same genre or setting as your book? Maybe, if you're writing something that takes place during the middle ages, you'll want to try BBC's Merlin. Sci-fi? I recommend Doctor Who.

But, whatever you do, do NOT watch an episode you have not seen before. Suddenly, you'll be hooked onto one of those TV dramas. Watch an episode you haven't seen before? This is a BAD idea. You're trying to write! Just watch part of an episode that you've seen before, and once you know that you've gotten your fill, return to writing (you can always watch the next episode of OUaT later {winky face}).

The End Of This Post [Comes Rather Abruptly]

...And that's all. Just a little morning dose of quick-and-simple. Maybe I got too "into depth", or maybe I didn't plunge deep enough in telling you about how to overcome writer's block. Whatever the case, I hope these two tricks help! :)


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