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Saturday, October 25, 2014


It's hard not be overwhelmed (but excited!) for the release of the winning authors of Five Enchanted Roses. It's just so... amazing! What if I got in? That would be outstanding! Even if I didn't get a place inside this magical contest however, I would still be very enthusiastic to discover the authors who will be taking my place.

I doubt I will get in, though (If I don't, I will probably reward all of you wonderful blog readers with the tale.). Here's a (what shall I call it?) "cover plot" for my story, which is titled Duchess, Prince, Manor:

Duchess Phoenix is worried. Her father, a viceroy, is about to lose his position, which would mean horrible things for her: marrying a man she does not love, losing her father, and, most importantly, losing hope. But when invited to the crown prince's ball, everything begins to change...

Phoenix meets a remarkable young man who will not reveal his true identity. That is, until he's rescued her from a rabid dog. Taken in by this man -- Prince Draven Strap -- and his many servants who were turned into objects, Phoenix learns what is hiding behind that arrogant, charming mask -- a handsome young man, just waiting to burst forth.

But Draven was once part of a group of evil followers, and the leader has come back to hunt him down with a weapon more deadly than he can imagine -- a rose. When this rose loses all of its petals, Draven will die, leaving his new wife a widow.

The magical household prepares as Draven comes face-to-face with his father and worst enemy -- fear itself. Will Draven be able to save himself, or will Phoenix be left alone, forever...?

I'm so excited to discover the results of this novella series! :) Luv you! <3


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  1. Oh! That does sound exciting! I hope to read it, either in the collection or here! :D


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