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Monday, October 6, 2014

An Awkward Hello

Well, things didn't really turn out the way they were supposed to. I guess you could just call this an "awkward hello". Why? Well, it kind of is.

First off, I create a blog. Backfire alert -- my very private, very personal email address is showing! How long did it take? Maybe, say, five minutes to fix it? Oh, joy -- it felt like ten. Fixed! But... wait. I can't post, now! Hashtag sigh. (*Creates new blog, calls it Novels Are My Life.*) Done. One quest completed!

Now that all that drama's over with...


Hi! I'm a writer. Well, not yet, at least. But I do write. I'm estimating at least, say, around a hundred semi-working novels on my computer? Sadly, the farthest I've ever gotten is ninety pages... before I decided that tale was getting a little too violent.

But, still -- the farthest? Well, I guess I could do better... ;)

Twenty-three pages of my utter glory (or failure!) have been sent to a publisher for a novella contest called Five Enchanted Roses, which is at least partly hosted by one of my most favorite authors of all time -- Anne Elisabeth Stengl!

So, what exactly do I write? Fiction. What do I focus on? Fairytales, as you may have noticed by the title Five Enchanted Roses...

Da... Quizmaster!

What else do I do? I make quizzes, for one. Going by the false name of Keva Maher, I use PlayBuzz for posting them.

I also have a page on Facebook, in case you're interested -- a few recipes and jokes, but mostly concept art and mystical places.


So that was basically an introduction. A very badly written one. Enjoy it. Also, you may have noticed that I went a little, hee hee hee, "link crazy". Apologies, I tried to do it only where it was absolutely necessary (because blogs are so necessary, these days).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! <3


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