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Q: Is there a site I can use to track my progress?

A: Yes! Check out myWriteClub. The site is still undergoing construction, but you can sign up to become a beta, and track your progress by word count, chapters, etc.!

Q: What program should I use if I want to become a blogger?

A: My personal favourite is Blogger! Which I suppose is no surprise, seeing as, well, it's my site's host. 😉 I've tried Webs and WordPress before, but Blogger is still my absolute fav.

Q: Is there a website I can use to find book recommendations?

Goodreads! This site is absolutely wonderful; it's kinda like a safer, cleaner version of Facebook -- but with books. ❤

Q: Do you have any writing advice?

A: Indeed, I do! Check out this page (on my blog) to see a compiled list of all my tips and tricks. 😃

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