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Completed Stories

I have several finished (but unpublished) works, including:

  • several various short stories and poetry pieces, most of which I've hidden in the depths of my personal labyrinth (because I totally have one, totally in the center of my TARDIS).
  • Heart, my first completely written piece longer than a short story. Though dreadful and likely never to see the light of day ever again, it came out to fourteen-thousand-three-hundred-fifty words.
  • Skyglow: How Does Light Pollution Affect the Night Sky?, a science faire project for my eighth grade Physical Science class (so, naturally, the piece was non-fiction). It came out to twenty-five pages.
  • I Once Dreamed, a Sleeping Beauty retelling I wrote throughout the second half of 2015. There are plotholes and writing issues a plenty, but it is the first full story I have edited, and came out to eleven-thousand-four-hundred-eighty-one words. You can listen to its Spotify playlist here.
  • Building a Tool for Identifying DNA, another science faire project, this one for my ninth grade Biology class. It came out to twenty-two pages.
  • Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder: Which Produces a Better Muffin?, my tenth grade science faire project for Chemistry. It came out to thirty-four pages.

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