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Saturday, April 1, 2017

An Exciting (If Bittersweet) Announcement

{Image by yours truly.}
Nine-hundred-and-nine days ago, a thirteen-year-old girl sat down at her laptop with her dad. Months spent watching her favourite authors converse over the internet had sparked in her a desire that she could not -- and would not -- suppress. She wanted to mark a tiny corner of the internet, plaster her name there, and write all she wanted. And so, with her father's help in registering on Blogger, and her mother's help in sharing her posts with their friends, she became a blogger.

{Image by yours truly.}
(One of my first blog headers. See how terrible my handwriting and art were, back then?)

Since then, she has published one-hundred-and-ninety-four posts (this being the one-hundred-and-ninety-fifth) over the course of eight-hundred-and-ninety-seven days, twelve hours, fifty-one minutes, and fifty-eight seconds.

{Image by yours truly, with the assistance of PicMonkey.}
(My second-ish blog header. Still back when Whispers on the Wind was known as *A Sapphire Chamber*. ☺ )

She has gone through three blog titles, the first (and rather short-lived) being Novels Are My Life, the second (which lasted the longest) being *A Sapphire Chamber*, and the third (and most current) being Whispers on the Wind.

{Image by yours truly.}
(My current blog header, against an edited forest image I took last summer.)

She's come to gather a group of thirty-one wonderful followers (or Dragons, as she'd rather have them called... because dragons are cool 😉 ), some of which have been with her since the beginning of her blogging "career," and others whom she's just getting to know. And she loves each and every one of them dearly. ❤


If you're getting concerned, worry not. This is far from a goodbye post. (And I guess April first is actually one of the worst days to post this, am I right?)

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback on my blogging survey, back in January (see results here)! And ya'll left some heartwarming private comments -- thank you all! ❤

As I've mentioned before, I've been blogging for a long time, now. Nowhere near as long as others, but still -- a while. From my terrible posts at the rambunctious age of thirteen (like that time I did an awful job photoshopping David Tennant's head onto a sheep... We can all laugh about that, now, right? ...Too soon?) to my (apparently) more beloved posts, including my Tales of Goldstone Wood allegorical theories, Harry Potter & the Cursed Child book review, six tips for growing and maintaining long hair, The Lost Girl of Astor Street book review, and WIP title reveal (And Did the Waters Tremble).

Now, I am ready to start a new blog -- a blog centered around all you guys asked for. Writing advice, monthly wrap-ups, WIP updates, movie and TV show reviews, music recommendations, and more. Thanks to Blogger's latest update, I've got a gorgeous new theme in store. In preparation for the day I publish my book, this new blog is called LIV K. FISHER. Just click on the title, and you can head on over and check it out.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, dear Dragons. You've made blogging worthwhile. I hope ya'll will join me in the next chapter, at livkfisher.blogspot.com. ❤

"This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning." ~Winston S. Churchill, November 1942 speech


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