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Monday, February 27, 2017

THE PRINCESS & I // Blog Tour & Interview

Hello, Dragons! I'm posting off-schedule again (I'm terrible at keeping a schedule, in the first place), but I have the perfect reason -- I got to interview the lovely Rebekah Eddy!

{Banner by yours truly. Background image by Alea Harper.}

Rebekah's second novel, The Princess & I, is releasing March third! AND THE COVER, PEEPS. THE COVER. (*drools*) Alea Harper of Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings did this simply magical cover for this story, and oh, 'tis so lovely! Alright, enough talk. I'm going to show you the cover, myself. 😉

About the Book

{Cover by Alea Harper. Image provided by Rebekah Eddy.}

Megan is content with her life, despite her parents' death and her brother Malcolm's job that keeps him busy at the King's castle. But when she is offered the position as Princess Christine's lady-in-waiting, Megan is glad of the change in scenery and accepts it with the hope that she can spend more time with her brother. The promise from Malcolm of lessons in swordsmanship only adds to her enthusiasm.

However, helping keep an eye on the emotional and excitable young lady proves to be much harder than becoming her friend. As rumors of war circulate the castle, Megan strives to encourage her new friend even as she tries to settle the doubts and fears in her own heart when her responsibility in protecting the Princess is put to the test. Follow the unwanted adventure which serves to teach her that loyal friendship, true love, and God's amazing grace will always triumph over revenge, greed, and hate.



Welcome to Whispers on the Wind, Rebekah! First off, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? Hot coffee or tea? Chocolate or peppermint? Anything you like!

Thanks so much for doing this interview with me, Olivia! You asked some good questions, and I look forward to answering them! ☺

Tell you about me? Oh, goodness. Um... I'm an average Christian teen who loves books, coffee, and horses. (Although, I like pretty much any hot drink. Tea is awesome as well. 😉 ) Oooooohhhh, chocolate. Hands down. All my friends know how much I looooove chocolate. In fact, after beta reading The Princess & I some of them threatened to take away my chocolate because of something I did. *cough* But I won't tell you what I did to make them say that...you'll just have to buy the book. 😉

Other things you should probably know about me: I'm an extrovert, I tend to ramble, and I love blogging, writing, and contacting other Christian authors from around the globe. 

What led you into writing? Have you always been a storyteller?

Good question. I guess I've always kind of been a writer at heart, but it was probably reading good books that pulled the want-to-be-author out of me at such an early age. Adventure stories of all different genres have always fascinated me, and I decided one day that I would try my hand at it. My love of writing has grown steadily since then. 

Where did you first get the idea for The Princess & I?

Medieval England has always held a special place in my heart. I love the rich history surrounding it, and the books written in that time period. As with most other little girls, I loved the stories of princes and princesses, knights and ladies, kings and queens, etc. So I decided to write my own. It has been so much fun, too! 😉 Usually, I try to avoid a lot of research in my writing (hence most of my books being fantasy) but the research I ended up having to do on my story was enjoyable!

Is The Princess & I a part of a series? Will readers get to meet any of the characters again, in the future?

Well, I'm not completely sure yet if I will continue the series. I have some ideas flying around my head (as I always do) but it will probably depend on how well The Princess & I sells and how large a fan base I can create. I love all the characters in my story, and I know several people who would love to have them in another story... but we'll have to see. ☺

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Rebekah! Last one: Which character from The Princess & I do you relate to, most?

In answer to your last question, I relate to different characters at different times... but most often I find myself relating to the main character (surprise! 😉 ) Megan. She ended up the most like me in the end, although she tends to be more introverted. Her older brother, Malcolm, is the other one I find myself relating to sometimes, as well as William and Steven upon occasion.

You are so welcome! I had fun answering your questions! 😊

About the Author

{Image provided by Rebekah Eddy.}

Rebekah Eddy grew up surrounded by family members who read and appreciated good literature. First, she fell in love with the stories her parents read aloud to her from the Bible and books like The Chronicles of Narnia, Great Expectations, The Hobbit, and Anne of Green Gables. After learning to read on her own, she discovered other fantastic books which helped to build her ever-growing imagination.

She completed her first written work at the tender age of eight and now uses it to humble herself whenever the need arises. The story did serve to show her that God had given her a desire to write, however, and from that moment on Rebekah has never looked back or regretted picking up her pencil and becoming an author.

This eighteen-year-old homeschool graduate lives in rainy western Washington, and is currently working on receiving her BA in English in order to further her passion for creating worlds on paper.

You can connect with Rebekah via her blogs, Rebekah's Remarks and Simply Stories; Google Plus; Goodreads; and Pinterest.


Oh. My. Stars. I can't wait for The Princess & I to release! Doesn't it look simply spectacular? I'm sure that this is one story fans of Gail Carson Levine, Shannon Hale, and Robin McKinley don't want to miss!

What are you most looking forward to about The Princess & I's release?



  1. Hey Olivia! Nice to read your beautiful post about a wonderful book. (Came here from Rebekah's blog). Also when I popped in here I kind of got lost in all the awesomeness that is your blog and ended up staying a while. :D Newest follower and fan right here!
    Blessings, Bonnie

    1. Awwww, thank you, Bonnie!! This made my day! <3

  2. Thanks so so SO much for being a part of this blog tour! :D Your post was fun to read! :)

    1. Thank YOU for having me, Rebekah! It's been a blast! :D

  3. Sounds interesting!
    I do love that cover, it's gorgeous :)

    1. Isn't it just? I can't wait to read this!

  4. So I saw this in my newsfeed on Wordpress and was greatly intrigued by the title. The cover is so pretty! I totally love contacting other authors as well (even though I am a book blogger and Christian urban fantasy writer). Putting this on my to-read list on Amazon so I don't miss the release of it!

    1. Same! The title and cover were what caught my attention, too... and then I saw the phrase "blog tour" and my level of excitement totally spiked! XD


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