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Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Whisperings

{Image by yours truly.}
Oh my stars, this month has been such a whirlwind. At times, it flew by, and at others, it simply dragged on. February has always been one of my least favourite months; the first semester is over, but there's still a whole new semester to go. And spring break seems light-years away... But finally! Twenty-seven days until a whole week of freedom, and one-hundred-and-four days until summer!

Writing Desk

I have super exciting news to share... I won SpecFaith's 2017 Winter Writing Challenge (you can read my story here)! Thank ya'll SO MUCH for your love and support! I couldn't have done it without all you lovely Dragons! ❤

As to And Did the Waters Tremble: Once I finish work in The Magic Flute (*sniffles* it's almost over...), I'll probably start to make more serious progress on it. Right now, I'm still at the worldbuilding and scene-piecing stage. (If you're curious, you can check out my wordcount progress at this link.)

In the Theatre: The Magic Flute

{Image provided by Adira Rosen.}



I came to tears during yesterday's rehearsal, while I was talking about it with a fellow cast member. While I'm looking forward to having free time, again (because free time is literally nonexistent when you're in high school and a play), I don't want this to be over. The Magic Flute's cast and crew has been together for the past thirty-eight days. Some of us have performed with the company on-and-off (or on, entirely!) since The Snow Queen in 2015. This is our director's last play with the company before she graduates. Lord willing, the company will be taken over by someone else after she leaves, but... This production, everything about it... I don't want to say goodbye.

(Okay, time to move on, before I burst into tears again.)

Reading Corner

I've read seven books, this month (which brings me to a total of eleven out of fifty books for the year!). But three of them were short stories, two plays, one a novella, and one a novel (which I DNF'd). I still need to write a review for the novella, but, for now, let me tell you this: It's For Elise by Hayden Wand. Go read it. Now. It's so delightfully hilarious, and wonderfully well-written. I'm convinced that Hayden's writing style is composed entirely of magic. It's that good.

In other bookish news... I'm currently reading way too many books. Seven. (*shrieks*) That's too many to read at once! (*hides*)

The When God Doesn't Fix It (by Laura Story) memoir and workbook are for a Bible study I'm doing with my mom and some ladies from church; I Don't Wait Anymore (by Grace Thornton) is a devotional I've been reading as a personal study; A Midsummer Night's Dream (yup, by Shakespeare, original text and all *sobs*) is for school (*sighs*); and The Reluctant Saviour (by Ralene Burke), Storm Siren (by Mary Weber), and Scarlet Moon (by S.D. Grimm) are in prep for Realm Makers. (So many books! Send help. I'm scared.)

Movie Theatre

How I had time to watch anything this month is beyond me.

So I ditched Bunk'd (due to the fact that it's Disney Channel, and after a while... nope). I tested Monarch of the Glen, but it just didn't click well for me. So, the highlights of the month were both rewatches -- which were actually for research. True story.

{See my tweet here.}

Cinderella (2015)


When I came home from rehearsal, yesterday, I was absolutely exhausted from test week, but I also felt as if my acting had been, well, not great. So I pulled this beauty off my shelf and popped it in. (Tip: If you ever need cheering up or help acting, WATCH CINDERELLA. You won't regret it.)

Lily James's acting is SO GOOD. In what I've seen of Downton Abbey, she plays an incredibly immature teenager named Rose, but in Cinderella, such a role is tossed out the window as she becomes kind and altogether lovely. So, yeah, Lily James is AMAZING.

North & South (2004)


For the record, playing a love interest is hard, particularly in a comedy. It's weird. It's awkward. It gets easier along the way, but the ease with which Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe take on their roles in this period drama is extraordinary. They make Mr. Thornton and Margaret's love seem so real! (*is in awe, because how*)

Other watches for this month include Jim Gaffigan's Cinco (which I'm debating whether I'd recommend or not, due to cleanliness), and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (which I didn't like near as much as I wish I did).


Time for those survey results I promised!

-- The top five kinds of posts you enjoy are:

  • Writing advice
  • Monthly wrap-ups
  • WIP updates
  • Movie & TV show reviews
  • Music recommendations

-- The top three days you'd like to see me post on once a week are:

  • Saturday
  • Thursday
  • Wednesday

-- The top three times (in Pacific time) that my blog posts work for you are:

  • 7 - 10 AM
  • 10 AM - 12 PM
  • 3 - 6 PM

I'll be taking a break from blogging, soon, but Lord willing when I start up again, I'll take these results into account. ☺

A huge hug and thank you to all who participated in the survey! I got some excellent feedback, and I'm looking forward to the changes to come!

Blog Posts

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere...

  • Shantelle of Between the Pages of this Bookish Life compiled a list of some of her favourite Regency novels -- read it here
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  • Rachelle Rea Cobb discussed in a blog post the beauty and promise of unconditional love -- read it here


Well, I suppose that's all, for now. (I need to sleep.)

How was your February? Did you rewatch any favourite movies?


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