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Friday, January 20, 2017

THE JUNGLE BOOK // Movie Review

Found alone as a small child, Mowgli has no memory of mankind. To him, the world is merely the jungle and all the animals within. But when a vengeance-seeking tiger threatens his life, Mowgli is forced to leave... yet how on earth could he establish a life beyond the one he's come to know?


I really enjoyed The Jungle Book! Though I was rather weary at first, wondering how in Gallifrey they'd be able to do a good job with CGI animals... I was really impressed!

The crew behind the movie did an amazing job! The script was fair enough, and the acting well. The plot moved along a little slowly in the beginning, but quickly sped up.

As to the animals -- each creature's varying set of mannerisms was incredibly accurate! I was shocked at how each species moved according to how one might expect it to. The wolves had little head-nods and twitches that made me think so very much of my own dogs. Though I have yet to see many of the other creatures beyond the local zoo, I felt like all the animals were well-portrayed.

So if you're feeling like cuddling with your pet, this is the perfect movie to watch while doing so! 😉 (Bagheera is my favourite. ☺ )

You may want to know: There is a fair bit of violence (but little to no gruesomeness).


Have you seen The Jungle Book? What did you think?



  1. I was highly impressed. As Disney remakes all their cartoons I grew up with into live-action movies, I've been kind of reserved in my excitement about them... but so far they have done a fairly consistent marvelous job capturing the essence of the classics while turning them into something new and equally heartwarming in the process. It's fun to watch them with my kids, even if it means they may never fall in love with the "originals."

    1. I agree! I'm always super excited for a live-action remake, but at the same time, I get rather nervous. I truly hope they keep turning the classics into even better films! They've been doing an amazing job, so far! :)


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