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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill

(4.5 stars)

(Note: I read The Lost Girl of Astor Street prior to its official release.)

Okay. Wow. Give me a moment to catch my breath.

The Lost Girl of Astor Street was amazing. It was riveting; the plot, characters, and writing style all meshed together so brilliantly, it was like magic. It seemed evident that Stephanie did her research, because the 1920s seemed so alive and pulsing, as if they had a heartbeat.

I do admit that it took me a chapter or two to get into it, seeing as it took that long for the heroine to grow and the story to progress. But it was so worth it.

And haven't I mentioned the romance? (*cues the fangirling*) (*pauses*) THE ROMANCE WAS SO INCREDIBLE. I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THE COUNTLESS NUMBER OF TIMES I NEARLY SCREAMED/CRIED WITH JOY. (*squeals*) (*jumps up and down like a little girl*) (*straightens bowtie*)

Stephanie tied up all the loose ends perfectly, and I firmly believe that not a strand was out of place. So I definitely recommend it -- it is SO worth the read. :)

You may want to know: There were light implications of indecent acts against characters, as well as murder, violence, and some drinking.

Click here to read my Goodreads review.

(The Lost Girl of Astor Street was written by Stephanie Morrill and published by Blink; its copyright date is 2017.)

So, you should totally read The Lost Girl of Astor Street! It releases February seventh, 2017.



  1. I am not into to much romance personally but the book does sound good. Is it more in the historical fiction or romance genre?

    1. Definitely historical fiction! It's actually a mystery about a young woman who goes looking for her best friend. :) I had no idea there would be romance in there, but it was clean, not at all cheesy, and oh-so-wonderful! I highly recommend giving The Lost Girl of Astor Street a try, when it releases! :D


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