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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Spooky Story Challenge: THE RABID RABBIT

The other day, author Jenelle Schmidt challenged her fellow bloggers to post a spooky story, in honour of the "spooky" season. Since I'm not really into spooky stories, I decided to share a mock horror story I wrote back in January, about... a bunny. It's not actually horror -- just strangely comedic. And very short, as in less than three-hundred-words-short. ;)

Before reading on, I'd like to request that no one copy this story or notate it as their own. They're welcome to share the link to this post, but if they want to go beyond that, I ask that they contact me.


The Rabid Rabbit by Liv K. Fisher

Peo glared through the darkness. His ears twitched.
Not long, now, he would've told himself, should he be considered an ordinary rabbit.
But Peo was not ordinary. In fact, he was far from it. "Murderer" was the only word he could've used to describe himself, were he ordinary.
Peo squinted at the small house, where his so-called master was rounding up his wife and children to send them away.
"Go! Go!" the man called. "You know he's coming for us!"
His daughter, at the mere age of eight, followed his orders, all the while sobbing. "I-I'm sorry, Daddy! I didn't know--!"
"I am well aware, darling," her father replied. "But we must go, now."
How Peo hated sentiment! Even the kind acts forced upon him by the master's daughter didn't bring him the slightest feeling of love or sympathy. From what his actions had determined, Peo was a psychopathic rabbit.
With a loud battle cry only a rodent could produce, he took off towards the house.
Inside, the master's eyes widened. "Get in the car, Amelia! Take the children and leave!"
"There's still time!" his wife pleaded. "You can come with us!"
"No. If I die, I shall do it with one last attempt to protect this land."
Tears in her eyes, Amelia leapt into the car and drove away.
"You're coming for me!" the master shouted into the darkness. "I know you are!" When there was no reply, he moved closer to the window. "Come out of hiding, you beast! Come and meet your--"



Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kindle Voyage & Christian Desert Adventure Books // Giveaway

It's time for another fun giveaway by Rachel Starr Thomson! Rachel is giving away a Kindle Voyage, her own Prophet trilogy, R.J. Larson's Books of the Infinite trilogy, Brodie and Brock Thoene's first three books in The AD Chronicles, and Karen Hancock's Legends of the Guardian-King quartet -- a kindle and thirteen books, in all. Head on over to THIS LINK to enter!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guest Post: My Eight Stages of Editing

Today, I'm handing the mic over to Victoria Grace Howell of Wanderer's Pen, who's been kind enough to write up a post on editing for me! So without further ado, here's Victoria...



I’ve edited over ten books and it took me about that many books to finally find a method of editing that allows me to be both thorough and to edit in an efficient amount of time. It typically takes me about a year to complete a book—and that includes editing. Some people do their editing by hand, but I prefer to do all of mine digitally. After I’ve made a rough outline then written my first draft, I go through these steps.
Let my book sit six or more weeks – I always let my book rest for a period of time. Usually, during this time I work on another book. This allows me to distance myself from the story and come back to it with fresh eyes.
First Read Over and Takes Notes – I read over my entire book in about a week and take notes on anything major I believe needs fixing. Not grammar or sentence structure yet, but plot, characters, settings, etc. I also like to take notes while writing my first draft to fix later. This is when I also go through those as well.
Make a Plan and Do Any Research – Then I go about making a new game plan and adjusting my outline as needed. I also do any research I need to here. Often, I discover more things I need to research during my first draft.
Rewrite the Book While Looking at the Old Copy and Notes – Scrivener is very handy for this, because I can split the screen, so I can see both documents I’m working on at once. I like to rewrite my old draft, filling in my problems, and many a time I expand areas.
Let the book sit again – I let my book rest for another six weeks.
Reread and take notes – I reread again and focus on smaller issues like inconsistencies and using a certain word too many times like “there,” “was,” and “some.”
Microedit – This is when I go through and focus on cutting unnecessary words, restructuring sentences, consistency, and grammar.
Send to Betas then Edit Again – I send my book off to betas. Then I go through what they’ve said and edit accordingly. Sometimes this means I have to do a major do over, sometimes this means it’s ready enough to send to publishers and agents who have requested the book.
There you have it. That’s my editing process. I’ve done this also with flash fiction on a much smaller scale, mind you, and one of those flash fictions was recently published in a magazine. Everyone has their own methods, but this is the method that is the most effective for me.
How do you edit? Do you use any of my methods? Do you have any special tricks?

About the Author

Image provided by Victoria Grace Howell.

Victoria Grace Howell is an award-winning, author of speculative fiction and an editor for the non-profit organization, Geeks Under Grace, a staff writer for Geekdom House, and has been published in Splickety: Havok Magazine. Since she was a child growing up in the state of Georgia, she’s always had a heart for stories. When not typing away at her novels, she enjoys drawing her characters, blogging, Kung Fu, cosplaying, and a really good hot cup of tea.

You can connect with Victoria via her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Friday, October 21, 2016

LADY DRAGON, TELA DU // Blog Tour, Author Interview, Sneak Peek, & Giveaway

Image provided by Kendra E. Ardnek.
About the Book

Image provided by Kendra E. Ardnek.

Two girls with one face
Two girls with twisted fate
One in purple, one in red
One shall speak the other’s death
Who shall win their final war?
Lady Dragon or Tela Du?

Amber, the Lady Dragon, has been promised a fifty-year reign over Rizkaland and nothing can stop her from claiming it. But when you've lived six thousand years, fifty is such a pitiful number. Only one person can keep her from making this reign permanent -- the Tela Du, a girl who shall share Amber's face.

The last thing Petra wants is a magical world interrupting her plans for a normal life, let alone an ultimate battle against the Lady Dragon with only one prophesied survivor. She has her childhood best friend, Reuben, at her side, but she's not sure if he's more of a help or a hindrance right now. Though she'd much prefer to just return home and forget about this whole crazy affair, things change when she discovers that the world has surprising connections to her own family -- including her sister who disappeared without a trace two years before. Still, Rizkaland can't possibly expect her to risk her very life, can it?

Available on kindle and in paperback!


Welcome to Whispers on the Wind, Kendra! I'm delighted to have you here. :) First off, would you care to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! I'm a homeschool graduate, lover of fairy tales, collector of nutcrackers and giraffes, Christian girl, and the author of now eight books.

Is there any particular music that helped to inspire or set a mood for Lady Dragon, Tela Du?

I'm not really a music writer, but I do have a YouTube playlist for the series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwjHKsPhXIkVqavKg32zJLEB8meOi5RQO. Songs specific to LDTD include "If You Fall," "Just Fall," "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen," "Would You Go With Me," "Thousand Years," "Still," and, "My Past is Not Today."

If Lady Dragon, Tela Du were a movie, who might your picks might be to play your main characters, looks-wise?

I’ll play the two lookalike titular characters, Amber and Petra, and I have a friend who'll play Summer. I have no preferences beyond that.

Are there any authors who've made a major impact on you? Authors whose books you truly enjoy reading?

Authors who impacted me: Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Laura Ingalls Wilder, L. Frank Baum, Gail Carson Levine. Authors who I truly enjoy reading: Jaye L. Knight, Morgan Elizabeth Huneke, Bruce Coville, Paul Stewart, and Martha Finley.

When you published your first book, where there any surprises you encountered, or anything you found easier/harder than expected?

There were surprises, and I made my fair share of mistakes. It was easier than I expected to get in -- I went the route of self-publication with CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing -- but at the same time, the upward climb of making it as a writer has been a lot more difficult than it had initially appeared.

If you could have an entire day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would it look like?

I'd probably kick back with one of my favorite roleplay adventure games on my computer.

Besides writing, is there anything else you'd be interested in pursuing?

I'd love to get into acting. Actually, it was acting that got me into writing, because I was writing plays for me and my friends to perform. LDTD was one of those plays.

If you could live during any time period in any place, when and where would it be?

I'm pretty content with the time and place God has put me, to be honest -- I mean, hello, wifi! I think the only thing I'd change about my situation would be a better house. That's all.

Thanks for answering my questions, Kendra! It’s been wonderful having you here! Before you go, one last question: What advice do you have for fellow authors, particularly those who have yet to be published?

I have two pieces of advice for yet-to-be-published authors. (1) Seek feedback from as many different reader as you can, and have a humble mind as you approach their feedback. Learn to take criticism and to learn from that criticism. (2) Start building your audience early. Most of my uphill battle with writing is the fact that I didn’t really start building a readership until my second year of publication. I published a book thinking "Hey, this is a neat concept -- I bet it’ll bring readers to me!" But, no, it’s the other way round. I have to do the hard work of networking and advertising and bring the readers to the story.

Sneak Peek

Want to read the first chapter? Check it out here!

About the Author

Image provided by Kendra E. Ardnek.

Kendra E. Ardnek is a homeschool graduate who picked up a pen at an early age and never put it down. The eldest of four, she makes her home in the Piney Woods of East Texas with her parents, younger siblings, giant herd of giraffes, and honor guard of nutcrackers.

You can connect with Kendra via her blog and website.

Free Ebook

From October nineteenth through the twenty-third, the first book (Water Princess, Fire Prince) in The Rizkaland Legends will be free on kindle! Click here to find it on Amazon.

Tour Schedule

October 19

October 20

October 21

October 22

October 23

October 24

October 25

Image provided by Kendra E. Ardnek.



Sunday, October 16, 2016

MY LADY JANE // Book Review


Imagine a book about a Disney princess, written for an older audience (teens+). Imagine that this story is witty, has amazing writing, outstanding characters, and a plot with enough twists and turns to become northern California's Highway 36. This is the point at which My Lady Jane is created.

Oh, it was wonderful! There were times when I laughed out loud and others when I demanded my family's presence so I might read them a short excerpt.

For those who know the true story of Lady Jane Grey -- I actually don't. Which probably affected my having liked it so much (I noticed those who knew the story gave it a lower rating).

As much as I liked it, however, part two didn't interest me quite so much (hence the four-star rating rather than five). I really enjoyed the comedy and romance of part one, but once about half of that comedy was taken away and a bunch of confused teenagers' emotions were thrown into the mix... Erm, I didn't enjoy it so much.

But I must say that My Lady Jane was well worth the read! (And I particularly recommend reading it when you're sick, because... it helps *grins*.)

You may want to know: There are some undescriptive implications (which might not be understood by a younger audience), kissing, and the rare usage of swear words and God's name in vain, as well as murder, violence, drinking, warfare, and some magical elements.

Click here to read my Goodreads review.

Have you read My Lady Jane? What are your thoughts on it?


Friday, October 14, 2016

Autumn Music

For those who are seeking out autumn-y, pre-Christmas music, I've created a playlist on Spotify with some of some of my favourite I-can't-wait-for-Christmas-but-it's-not-even-close-to-Christmas-yet songs and artists. You can find the playlist here. If you don't happen to have a Spotify account, the regular ones (*coughs* which I use, because I hardly care about whether there are ads or not) are free, or you could just browse through some of the stuff on the list. :)

Anywhozens, I must take my leave for today. Lord willing, my book review of Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows's My Lady Jane goes up Sunday afternoon!


Sunday, October 9, 2016



A retelling of the life of author and physician Adeline Yen Mah, Chinese Cinderella was well written and brutally honest, with plenty of intrigue in between.

But it was sad.

Adeline was mistreated as a child, told that she was "bad luck" because her mother had died shortly after her birth. For the most part despised by her sister, brothers, father, and stepmother, she lived a lonely life, only loved by her aunt, grandparents, and playmates at school, playmates unaware of her unfortunate home life.

Chinese Cinderella follows the early years of Adeline's life, during which she is transported from school to school, loved ones are snatched away from her, and the Communists invade China.

I was anticipating a happy ending, hopeful for Adeline to find her Prince Charming, or an escape from her family. And while the ending was rather satisfactory, it was still a depressing story. Because of this, I'd recommend Chinese Cinderella to an older audience, perhaps fourteen- or fifteen-year-olds and up.

You may want to know: There are several cases in which adults are verbally unkind to and severely beat children, as well in others in which children bully one another and animals are cruelly mistreated. There is also mention of and reference to warfare.

Have you ever read Chinese Cinderella? What are your thoughts on it?


Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Second Blogiversary

How in Gallifrey have I already been blogging for two years? Wasn't it just the other day my dad and I sat down to create my little corner of the blogosphere, and I fled my room, laptop in hand, in fear of a descending spider? Really, how was that two years ago?!

{Original image source. Edited using PicMonkey.}

Fun Facts

 The most I've ever posted in one month was February this year, when I clearly stated that I doubted I'd be blogging much, and then ironically dolled out seventeen posts.

 The nine most popular posts of all time have been as follows:

  1. Tales of Goldstone Wood allegorical theories.
  2. My book review of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child.
  3. Tips for growing and maintaining long hair.
  4. A tutorial for Morgana's healing bracelet.
  5. My invitation to fellow writers to join me in a cabin on Camp NaNoWriMo.
  6. My experiences in The Snow Queen.
  7. The Birthstone Book Tag.
  8. The blog tour for Ivy Rose's The Old River Road.
  9. Tips on writing a tragic scene.

 The six most popular pages of all time have been as follows:

  1. My favourite blogs.
  2. Important information regarding posts.
  3. The page regarding my faith.
  4. The sign-up page for my newsletter.
  5. My book review page.
  6. My WIP page.

 The ten countries my audience hails from are as follows:

  1. The US.
  2. Russia.
  3. Germany.
  4. France.
  5. Portugal.
  6. Canada.
  7. Ukraine.
  8. The UK.
  9. Australia.
  10. Israel.

 The three most-used keywords that have brought people to this blog are as follows:

  1. "DIY healing bracelet".
  2. "Five Magic Spindles review" (which is odd, seeing as I haven't actually had the opportunity to read and review Five Magic Spindles, quite yet).
  3. "Morgana's bracelet".

 My blog was most visited in February 2016 (probably because of the excessive number of posts).

 The year with the most number of posts was (yup!) this year.

 The year with the least number of posts was 2014 (understandably).


Thank You!! <3 <3

Before I sign off, I'd just like to say thank you. You Dragons have made the last two years of blogging so worth it. So thank you so much. I love you guys!!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Of Rogues, Wizards, Princesses, Doctors, & Pirates

Apparently I can't keep to a blogging schedule. But oh well. Because today, I'm going to fangirl. So come, all ye lads and lasses who are fans of Poldark, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter, Disney, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Pirates of the Caribbean! I invite you to read through, rewatch your favourite trailers, and BE A TOTAL NERD WITH ME.

{Original image source. Edited using PicMonkey.}
Poldark, season two (2016)


Once Upon a Time, season six (2016)

Season five was probably the best season of Once Upon a Time since the end of season one. The acting was much improved, the characterization more complex, and MERLIN. (OKAY, MERLIN IS JUST SO AMAZING AND ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS EVER.)

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (2016)

After feeling rather irritated following the consumption reading of The Cursed Child, I have rather wavering hopes in regards to Fantastic Beasts. It's also sad that it takes place in the land of some of the worst accents ever (sorry, fellow US citizens) rather than in the land of pure beauty (a.k.a. Britain), but I still have hopes! Newt Scamander looks/dresses JUST LIKE THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR (so how could he not be awesome?)!

Moana (2016)

I've loved Disney's most recent princess films (Tangled, Brave, Frozen, etc.), so I have crazy high expectations for Moana. The international trailer (the one with baby Moana) was SO cute AND I LOVE HOW THE OCEAN IS LIKE HER BESTIE.

Sherlock, season four (2017)

Oh, Sherlock. Why must you always end on a cliffhanger, then wait five-thousand years to reintroduce yourself to us? (*sighs*) I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS WHOLE MORIARTY BUSINESS. I'm terribly sorry, but The Abominable Bride just wasn't enough -- I still very much hope he's "just STAYING alive!"

Doctor Who, season ten (2017)

I finished season nine yesterday afternoon. I'm honestly questioning where to go from here... Clara has been my favourite companion ever. AND THAT ENDING. (*sobs*)

Beauty & the Beast (2017)

Disney's live-action princess remakes have made me very happy. Maleficent made me come away wishing for wings, and Cinderella left me completely enchanted. Plus, Emma Watson is basically the real-life Belle! And Dan Stevens has the PERFECT voice to play Prince Adam! And there are so many awesome actors going into this movie. I SERIOUSLY JUST CANNOT WAIT. (Way too many adjectives there, I know.)

Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

I happen to know exactly zero people who actually like are as into Pirates of the Caribbean as I am (maybe one, actually?). From a young age, the ride has been my favourite at Disneyland. I've collected skull alarm clocks. I have a Captain Jack Sparrow blanket. I've decided to become a writer by day and a pirate by night. I may or may not also be torn between owning a TARDIS and owning The Black Pearl (the ship, of course). Fun fact: I've been ON BOARD one of the ships used in the movies, and also happen to know the daughter of one of the background actors!


So I'm pretty stoked. And fangirly.

Are there any movies/TV shows with trailers out that you're looking forward to?


Sunday, October 2, 2016

On Soulmates & the Like

{Original image source. Edited using PicMonkey.}
I didn't marry the One, I married this one, and the two of us became one. ~Matt Walsh, My Marriage Wasn't Meant To Be

I don't believe soulmates exist.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a soulmate is as follows:

A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

"Ideally." Oh, what a strange term. Turning back to the Oxford Dictionary yet again, one of the synonyms for "ideally" is "perfectly," or "in an ideal world."

Ideally, I'd have finished high school by the time most kids my age entered middle school. Ideally, I would've already finished a book I'm happy with, and it would be both an accurate movie and a New York Times bestseller. Ideally, I wouldn't be afraid to learn how to drive, and I'd live in Britain or the Pacific northwest serving as a private English Literature teacher. Ideally, a white unicorn would be my mode of transportation. But that's all in a perfect world.

And, unfortunately, I don't know of any cases in which unicorns have existed (and no, rhinos are not simply "curvey unicorns"). So why would the perfect guy exist?

The perfect guy would be, well, perfect. Handsome. Flawless. Without fault. But here on this earth, there is no guy who is "handsome" and "without fault." There is no guy who is perfect for me.

Well said, Kristoff. {Source.}

Romans 3:23 (ESV) states:

...For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God...

So there's no one out there like that. Not now, not ever.

But I do think there's someone who's right. No, he's not perfect. No, he's not without fault. And hey, he might not even be handsome! (Though the cliché states that beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder.) But he's right for me. I may shiver when he picks his nose and eats it, or when he slurps while drinking a milkshake, but the two of us mesh well together.

Not perfectly, no. We are practically guaranteed to fight and disagree, to wince at certain qualities about one another. And should the unfortunate case befall us that one passes away before the other, we may just so happen to find another right person, different from the first, but still for us.

As you might've seen towards the top of this post, I have a quote from an article by Matt Walsh (link above). Walsh says that he and his wife are not soulmates, but they make it work. Which is good. Because marriage is a thing that couples will always have to make work. It is not a thing to be taken lightly -- you are committing yourself to your significant other for life. (Unless there are scriptural reasons for a divorce.)

So, should the time come that I decide to seek out my future husband, I won't be looking for a soulmate. I'll just be looking for the right guy.



As of September sixteenth, 2015, this blog has been reformatted. However, all posts before that date have not been updated to fit the new format, and may not be as simple to read.

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