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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


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For six hundred years I have dwelt in this prison. Trapped. Helpless.
Unliving and undying.
For six hundred years I have watched as cursebreakers come and go. Brave young women all, gifted with powers beyond mortal understanding.
I have watched them die. I have watched them wish to die.
Once again the Family of Night invades this country to claim its dues, and this generation’s cursebreaker has her chance to break the endless chain of torment.
To save me. To save her sisters.
But how can a peasant child scarcely fourteen years of age discover the three-part key and liberate the captives? Will she too be doomed to join the Death Dance binding us all to the Family of Night?

Introducing A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold, a Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling and the first book in a stunning new series by award-winning author Anne Elisabeth Stengl! Find it on:


Does this story not look incredible?! (*screams in a fangirling sort of way*) I cannot wait to read it!!

Have you pre-ordered A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold, yet? Or did you purchase the ARC after Rooglewood Press first announced it to their readers?

Unlike cover reveals such as Draven's LightFive Magic Spindles, and Rose of Prophecy, this reveal is not official.


  1. YES!! It does look fantastic!! And it is a fairytale retelling which I am a sucker for! I actually haven't ever read 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'.

  2. I got the ARC copy of it, and LOVED it :). I might have to buy the paperback copy when it comes out!

  3. I got the ARC copy, can't wait to read it.


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