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Monday, March 28, 2016

Featured Short Story #3, by Erudessa Aranduriel

Another lovely submission by Erudessa Aranduriel, for Monday's Unicorn -- 2-1-2016!! :)

Image recovered from this link.

"Embarr, be careful!" I called as my unicorn pranced on the point of rock that jutted out over the river.  He snorted and flinging his head back, stood staring across.

I raised my hand to shield my eyes from the setting sun and peer across.  There on a rock closer to the Waterfall, was a Unicorn mare and her foal.  I smiled as the mare reared and whinnied.  I recognized that whinny.  The mare was Brianna, mate of Embarr, and the foal would be Keavy, their newest daughter.  Brianna had been with foal when Embarr and I left on our diplomatic mission a year ago. 

Brianna whinnied again, this time with impatience, so I called Embarr to me and mounted.

We had been gone for far too long, I thought, as Embarr loped easily up the slope towards the Bridge. 

It would be wonderful to be home again.  I looked forward to the warm hearth, my wife's loving presence and good cooking and my children's warm welcome,  and Embarr to his pinetree enclosure, with his beautiful mate, mischievous older offspring and adorable new daughter.

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