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Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Late New Year's Resolution & a Sophie Masson Book Review

{Side note: Okay, there is seriously no leaving this blog, so forget my little "I'm trying not to blog, for a little while" mentioning. However, there are still to be no official Events, this month.}

I'm not much of a fan of New Year's resolutions (seeing as it seems incredibly hard to set goals when you cannot clearly see the road ahead), but I've been able to think up one: review every book I read, this year. Right here. On this blog. I'll probably overlook the books I read several years ago and considered reviewing (unless they're just too awesome/awful not to review), but Lord willing a new post will be out every time I finish a book, this year (hopefully).

That being said, I believe it's time to review a book I've somewhat neglected writing about -- Clementine, the third book of Sophie Masson's Star Maker trilogy!


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Sophie Masson's Clementine tells the story of two young girl bound together by fate -- Aurora as innocent as a dove, and Clementine destined to betray her...

When a torrent of fairies attends Aurora's christening to bestow a gift upon the child, Fate herself turns up, determined to ruin it all with a curse. She prophecies that, come their sixteenth birthdays, Aurora and Clementine will return home after years spent under the fairies' care. And that Clementine will betray Aurora to a hundred years of slumber.

But when the sixteen years are finally over, Aurora and Clementine still find themselves the best of friends. Or could jealousy, a hopeless scheme, and a mother's love ruin it all?

Click here to find Clementine on Goodreads.

I read Clementine a little later than I had planned, but did so as research for writing my Five Magic Spindles novella. Overall, I was not impressed.

The book was separated into three parts, the first telling of Aurora and Clementine's christening, the second of their lives as teens, and the third of breaking the spell that bound them.

While the first was somewhat read-able, I grew somewhat befuddled with the characters. I was not entirely sure of what was going on, who the characters were, or their relations to each other (even though it was said several times over).

The second part had to be the most exciting, dipping into Clementine's thoughts every once in a while, displaying the feelings of love, disappointment, and hatred kept deep within her. But it seemed as if this section ended much too quickly.

Last was the third part, which I found to be probably the most boring part of the story. Strange, unexpected characters with little personality began telling the story of Sleeping Beauty, and, when they were not telling it, it was simply dialogue with nothing more said.

When the book finally came to a close, it came to it suddenly, with a chapter spilling all the secrets behind the mysteries, which I would've much rather preferred figuring out as I went along.

In conclusion, I would mark Clementine as a "don't read" to most readers and writers. However, the length and writing style of the book seem as if they might appeal to young readers (perhaps as a bedtime story?).


So there's my strangely-written book review of Clementine, by Sophie Masson! (Hopefully I'll have writing book reviews mastered by the end of this year!)

What books have you read recently? Have you read Clementine? What did you think of it? :)

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