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Sunday, February 7, 2016

6 Tips for Growing & Maintaining Long Hair

I'm not an expert on hair. In fact, I'm terrible at doing/working with my own. But, eventually, I did learn about some awesome tips and products to help grow and maintain your glory. :)

Photo by B.D. Howard.

1. Avoid blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners whenever possible. You seriously do not need to use these guys! Though they may get the job done quickly, they are extremely likely to damage your hair. Instead of using a blow dryer, try ringing out your hair and then rubbing it down with a towel. As to curling irons, there are incredibly comfortable curlers out there, my favourite brand being Wrap, Snap, & Go. About straighteners -- that's a lot harder; will your hair brush out straight-ish after a shower?

2. Avoid using hairspray. Products containing alcohol will not help your hair! But if you seriously have problems with those fly-aways, try pulling your hair into a tighter hairstyle, or using a teensy bit of water to pat it down with.

3. Try homemade dry shampoo (if, of course, dry shampoo is needed). While canned dry shampoo is basically a girl's best friend, it will not do will not be the same to your hair. One recipe my mum made for me consists of one-quarter cup corn starch and two tablespoons cocoa powder (more or less cocoa powder, depending on how dark your hair is). While this recipe does take some getting used to (as well as a brush of some sort, to blend it in), it takes excellent care of your hair, unlike those alcohol-seeped spray cans.

4. Miracle 7 Leave-In Conditioner. Guys, this stuff is magic! Simply spray it on after you've washed your hair, and it'll change your life (literally, it changed mine)! Miracle 7 repairs dry and damaged hair, protects your hair colour, stops hair breakage, prevents split ends, and controls frizz. Using Miracle 7 does not mean stopping your regular use of conditioner in the shower -- just continue with your routine as you normally would, let your hair dry a little, spray it, and brush. Before moving on, one more thing: This stuff smells so good!!

5. Try Nexxus. And no, not the tablet! While I only used Nexxus for a few months, it did make a serious change in my hair's life (ignoring the fact that hair is just a bunch of dead cells). Nexxus smells amazing (that's a big deal, right there), and makes your hair shinier, smoother, and softer. Be warned, though: I didn't use Nexxus for very long, because one, it's crazy expensive, and two, it later seemed to make my hair a little too moisturized.

6. Brush your hair every day. This may be something I'm super bad at, but it is very important! Brushing your hair -- once, twice, maybe even three times daily -- will reduce tangles, which means far less fights with it! And if you're soft-headed like me, worry not -- there are awesome brushes out there that will make brushing your hair less of a chore! Two of my favourite brands of hairbrushes are Tangle Teezer and Goody Ouchless (though I would recommend a regular hairbrush for styling, itself).

And those are my six tips for growing and maintaining long hair! Hopes this helps!

Has anyone else tried these tips and products? How did they work out for you? :)



  1. Great post, Olivia! I'll definitely be using some of these ideas, I adore having long hair :).

  2. A friend who is really into hair told me that towels are really bad for it. But I do agree with you about hair dryers, they just make my hair frizzy. :P
    It looks like your hair is just a little longer than mine. :D
    If I leave my hair down after a shower, it will just turn into a frizzy mess, so I braid it and let it dry that way. I usually keep them in for a few days, and when I take them out, my hair has nice waves in it.
    Cool post by the way. :D

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about!! My hair is so thick that curling irons don't work on it. I just bought some foam curlers (my little siblings told me that they made me look like an old granny) and they curled it amazingly!!

    My family uses Avalon Organics Lemon shampoo and Rosemary Shampoo and Nature's Gate Conditioner. They are amazing!!

    1. Sounds like we're in the same boat, curling irons don't work on my hair, either :). I've tries foam curlers, and they were able to actually GIVE me curls, but the curls fell out quite quickly :(. Oh well, I'll figure something out :D.


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