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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Events of Nightwind Court -- November 2015

Thanks to some inspiration I received from Anne Elisabeth Stengl's October Doings at Drakenheath, I now have a few ideas to make The Events of Nightwind Court more fun all around. You'll see a little snippet regarding that at the end, here. :)



To my dread, my Five Magic Spindles entry I Once Dreamed is very far from being wrapped up! With only two months left to finish writing and drafting it, as well as editing and sending it off, I find the deadline fast approaching. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard if my freshman year of high school wasn't getting in the way...

However, there are some pros to recognize! First, I am starting to better understand what beginnings and endings look like and how to reach them, thanks to my recent reading of Five Enchanted Roses! Secondly, I am liking the beginning of my novella more and more. You see, I've almost always at trouble starting a beginning with a beginning, where as if I start shortly before or after the change in the character's life has happened, the adventure of writing goes a lot smoother.


NaNoWriMo 2015

Unfortunately, at this point in time, participating in 2015's NaNoWriMo seems a bit impractical. What with my novella, starting of high school, and the play I've been cast in, I think I'll have to wait until next year. Here's hoping for 2016!



Image recovered from this link.

As I mentioned last month in last month's Events, I've been cast in my school's first ever theatrical production, The Snow Queen! And, to my complete and utter joy, I've been cast as the character I wanted! Along with a the parts of three to four extras.

Though I was at first nervous about the amount of stress I would be under while being in a play alongside my freshman year of high school and drafting of I Once Dreamed, I've been having a blast! Our introductory rehearsal -- which was on Monday -- gave a welcome to the sixteen cast members, and produced an overview of what the next several weeks will look like. Wednesday's rehearsal (which was the most recent) was amazing, involving quite an armload of fun practice. Coming home and going to sleep felt like I'd spent the entire day walking at a faire (which feels quite good, in my personal opinion).


Thanksgiving Break

Oh, how I long for Thanksgiving break to arrive, already! I need only remind myself that it is twenty-six days away.

Though family is coming in from many different places, this year (which I am highly looking forward to), I am still hoping to get most of my work (on my novella, that is) finished during that precious time.


Blogger Awards

Here's where a bit of the fun comes in (as I mentioned earlier)! I'm considering doing monthly "awards" along with my Events posts, putting the spotlight on a certain song, Bible verse, blog -- whatever! This month, the spotlight goes to the song "Echoes in Rain", by Enya!

This song was selected mainly for two reasons, the first being this song's positive and relaxing tone (which I believe is likely to soothe students' and employees' minds, alike... or pretty much anyone's). The second is (and you better sit down before continuing) this: Enya's releasing her first new album in seven years! Yes, you've read correctly! Her new album, titled Dark Sky Island, is available for pre-order now, and is set to release on November twentieth! You can find more on that subject over here, at this link.

Image recovered from this link.


That's all for this month's Events of Nightwind Manor! What are your plans for November? Have you considered participating in NaNoWriMo? Do share!

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